Pole dancing should prevent two accidents


Pole dancing should prevent two accidents

Core tip: It is said that pole dancing can help women nowadays become stronger: go to the hall, go to the kitchen, but also fight the primary three and beat the rogue.

It sounds like pole dancing can really make such a thing, both fitness and improving temperament, is really a great sport.

  The fast-paced life of big cities has caused a serious sub-health state for most modern people, and it is especially important to choose a suitable exercise program for yourself.

Pole dancing is a good choice for white-collar women in the city. It improves temperament and can keep a good figure, just like a pole dancing scholar said: a good woman has to go to the hall, to the kitchen, but also to have a junior junior.Hooligan.

  Others don’t say, you ca n’t do without the support of fitness exercise to fight the third and the rogue. How can you have a healthy body without exercise, why you have a sexy body, and how can you beat the courage and strength of the rogue?

SO, learn pole dancing!

  Pole dancing doesn’t just follow the teacher’s lessons. If you want to learn well, you need to work a little bit. Mastering certain rules and tricks can make you more flexible and prevent many “accidents” from happening when you learn pole dancing.

Are you ready?

  Accident one: Pants are easy to “back” from the thighs to the hips when walking pole dancing, so as soon as you sit down, you hurriedly pull down the pants.

This action is far more funny than all the previous sexy.

  Solution: While pole dancing, you can choose your favorite sexy clothing, such as shorts or even sexy underwear, according to your preference. The most important thing is to expose your thighs to facilitate pole climbing.

However, in order to prevent light, it is best to choose a suitable size, stretch vest and flat-leg shorts.

  Accident 2: Slipping from a steel pipe or even “flying” a pole dance player accidentally accidentally fell from the steel pipe to the ground or moved on the steel pipe.Falling off the steel pipe, the whole body fell to the ground.

Too much, some dancers may “fly out” as a whole when doing a spinning action.

This sudden thrill will sweep away all the sexy.

  Solution: The steel pole dance also has certain requirements for the support and care of the steel pipe. It can not pile up steel pipes like a koala bear, but also avoids falling off the steel pipe or even “flying” the whole person, so as to avoid accidental injury.

To avoid this situation, you can start from the following three aspects: A.

Choose the right size steel pipe.

Nowadays, the popular international pole dance is divided into 50, 42 and 40 mm. People with different body sizes or hand shapes should choose a steel pipe suitable for their size. If the steel pipe is too thick and the hand is not easy to grasp, it will increaseChance of slipping on the steel pipe.


Apply magnesium powder to your hands or wear gloves.

This can prevent slipping to some extent.


Strengthen arm strength training.

Many pole dance movements require higher arm strength, especially when the body is hung on a pole, which requires strong arm strength to complete.

Therefore, to dance pole dance, usually also pay attention to using dumbbells, or push-ups, pull-ups and other methods to enhance the strength of the arm.