The source of new skin activity for Bensan women_1

The source of new skin activity for Bensan women

After a woman reaches 25 years of age, her skin stops growing and enters maturity.

We at Bensan have a mature charm that has experienced years of precipitation. This is a temperament that young girls cannot learn, but the skin’s activity and self-repair ability have begun to decline. Improper maintenance will bring skin problems, especiallyIt is the period when the crow’s feet are formed in the corners of the eyes.

  At this time, pay attention to hydrating and anti-aging, use moisturizing and anti-aging skin care products to prevent every possible wrinkle in advance.

  Product introduction: Cell-synchronous biological complexes can activate INTEGRINS, promote the production of collagen and elastin fibers of the skin itself, thereby improving skin texture, increasing skin elasticity, eliminating fine lines, and helping to smooth up the wrinkles and law lines.

After going through a fantastic collagen injection operation, there was no psychological concern and attention at all.

Only after the stretch of the new skin, smooth and clean only have not experienced years.

  Editor’s comment: An excellent product that can teach the skin self-anti-aging, reduce wrinkles and reduce the collagen synthesis of the skin. It is firm, uniform in color and shiny.

  Product introduction: Contains a variety of firming and anti-wrinkle essences, reverses every step of skin aging, activates skin cells that tend to slow down, excellent skin affinity, penetrates into the deepest layer of skin instantly, and tightly locks moisture,Makes skin increasingly tender, white and smooth, gently evoking youthful radiance.

  Editor’s comment: The appearance of this essence is very selling point. The double tube design is composed of two kinds of porous essence. It is very moisturizing and refreshing when applied.

It also performs well in alleviating dry skin and rapidly increasing skin volume.

  FANS sound: The wonderful combination of double tubes enhances the real effect of anti-aging, and the taste is fresh and natural.

  Product introduction: A refreshing, oil-free gel that quickly transfers dense moisture to thirsty skin instantly and lasts longer.

  Features: Hydrating and refreshing.

  Editor’s comment: The water is tender and tender, like a frozen water film, suitable for dry skin after plateau travel.

Friends who are dehydrated can also apply a thick layer as a 5 minute quick mask.

  Product introduction: It can penetrate quickly and be absorbed by the skin.

Use it morning and evening, whether it’s facial brow lines, or head lines, crow’s feet and dry lines, immediately as if smoothed, the skin will obviously restore youth and firmness.

  Editor’s comment: The pores are full, but the touch is not sticky, hydrating and repairing smooth fine lines.

  FANS sound: It is refreshing, absorbs quickly, and the fine lines are obviously lighter after using the reorganization.

  A woman in Bensan ca n’t always go to work, work, life, or even to worry about others . but do n’t take much care of herself, especially not taking good care of her skin and body, and turning herself into a little old lady. This is simplyYou are “crime” to yourself!

  Standing on the borderline of youth, the first thing a Bensan woman must learn is to love herself well, only she is well, has a healthy physique, a good mental state, and a beautiful external image, ensuring that the “revolutionary capital” is not lost.Anything is possible.

Therefore, women can’t hurt themselves too much.