Insider exploded Lana Wachowski personally to shoot The Matrix 4 action scene

Insider exploded Lana Wachowski personally to shoot “The Matrix 4” action scene
Recently, he once worked as a stuntman in “The Matrix”, and then the directors of the transitional film co-directed the action film “Hurry Up” David Reich and Chad Stachsky revealed thatThe director of the third film, Lana Wachowski, personally directed the action scenes in “The Matrix 4.” Instead of relying on the second film crew like Hollywood convention, “Large Hollywood production companies are increasingly using the secondFilm crews assist in the shooting of large action scenes, which is common in Marvel movies.But Lana Wachowski will personally handle all the action scenes of “The Matrix” through her main crew.”Director Lana Wachowski (Yellow Hairer) is filming the action scene of” The Matrix 4. ” Chad Starchsky stated that director Lana Wachowski is so great because she can direct the action drama herself.In the first three episodes of “The Matrix”, the second film crew filmed action scenes, and the action director was Yuan Heping.In “Matrix 4”, the second film crew mainly built some shots, and director Lana had her own motion design. Action guide Yuan Heping (pictured left) at the shooting site of “The Matrix”. Chad Starchsky and David Reach both participated in the production of the “Matrix” trilogy, the former is also the action avatar starring Keanu Reeves.In “The Matrix 4,” the two are mainly responsible for some creative concepts of choreography to assist the stunt team, as well as help the actors to do some physical training.Chad Stachsky called “Matrix 4” “very interesting. If you are a fan of the trilogy, you will love it. It comes back with revenge.”>>>基努·里维斯称《黑客帝国4》剧本很有野心 《黑客帝国4》由拉娜·沃卓斯基执导,基努·里维斯、凯瑞-安·莫斯回归, Yehya Abdul-Medin, who once appeared in “The King of the Sea”, played the young Murphy (played by Lawrence Fishburne in the trilogy).It is reported that the film will be released nationwide on May 21, 2021.>>> The villain “Black Manta” in “Neptune” is expected to appear in the sauna and nightnet of “The Matrix” 4 Editor Teng Chao Huang Jialing Proofreader Li Lijun

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