Fatty shook his head,“Our place has never been opened as a tourist route,Go to Myitkyina,The nearest route is from Tengchong or Wanding in the mainland,Why do you detour?And do mainlanders need to carry guns with them when traveling??”

A series of questions make Li Tianchou big,This fat man is as careful as a hair,Hit the key point,Difficult to deal with。And the trouble caused by the two people surnamed Pan is really not easy to fool,For this anarchist,As long as it doesn’t hinder their money,Not threaten their safety,Everything else is easy to say,But if you commit any of them, you will die。
Origin is suspected,Carry guns,Any chief will makeNSpeculation,Spies of the enemy、assassin、Southern government intelligence personnel, etc.,Just be delineated,Will be executed in secret without mercy。Talk about the so-called law here,Just a joke,The will of the chief is the law。
You have nowhere to reason,The geography here is dangerous,Close to the famous‘Golden Triangle’,The emperor is far away,Generations of warlords、Drug lords dominate,The way to survive is like this。Anti-drug in recent years、Prohibition of seeding is the general trend,Drug production and trafficking have also ceased a lot,But can’t stop the undercurrent,Its basic survival and ecological laws are still valid。
The only advantage is the passport,The passport of Chinese nationality is really useful in northern Myanmar,Especially in Kokang and Wa,Mostly friendly to Chinese people,But it also depends on the situation,Can’t you go to someone’s door with a gun inexplicably,They will greet you with a smile。
Despite the headache,But Li Tianchou did not hesitate to tell the truth,As for the bad consequences for Pan and Lao,Not something he can consider right now。
After listening to Li Tianchou’s concise description,The fat soldier has a deep face,After thinking about it for a while, I started talking in native dialect with the people around me.,The two seemed to reach an understanding quickly,Stop embarrassing this young man。
along with‘Sir’Shout,A soldier came in and pulled Li Tianchou from the bamboo chair。The interrogation came to an end so easily?Li Tianchou can’t believe it,It seems that I have a good impression in the eyes of the two officers,He smiled at the fat soldier,“Excuse me,When can i go?And my belongings……”
The fat soldier waved his hand to interrupt Li Tianchou,“what you said,We will verify。if there is no problem,Of course you will not restrict your freedom。young people,One word of advice,If you want to see,Myitkyina is not an ideal place。”
Li Tianchou nodded slightly and followed the soldiers out,I just ran into another soldier head-on, escorting Pan Lao limping over,The old man looks miserable,Dull look,Turn a blind eye to Li Tianchou on the opposite side,Pretending to be very pitiful。
This old fox,Li Tianchou secretly shook his head,Inadvertently,Was taken back to the original house by the soldiers,But Lang is gone。In a natural state of mind,He quickly stopped the soldier,Even the question with gestures,“I have another companion going there?”
I didn’t expect this soldier could understand Chinese,And speaking more fluently than that fat guy,“do not know,Don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask。”Then he left without waiting for Li Tianchou to react,Shut the door with a bang。
Deal with Lang separately?I don’t know the purpose of the other party,The severity of the injury,If you don’t receive treatment right away,Even if you can escape, you will become a useless person。of course,Just think about it,When it’s hard to protect yourself, try to get out as soon as possible。