Couple life with a little erotic culture

Couple life with a little erotic culture

Married couples may wish to create their own “erotic culture”.

In addition to work, life, children and other topics, there is also a content between husband and wife communication, which is related to sex and emotional, this is the “erotic culture”.

It may be a joke, game, flirt or even coquettishness, gambling, etc. between husband and wife.

And these behaviors, if carried out on civilians, are a kind of sexual harassment, but if they act on their own family members, it is the emotional teasing of the spring breeze.

  The erotic culture between husband and wife has a young couple living with their parents. In order to keep the room airy, the door is usually opened after going to bed at night, and the door is closed only when intimate.

Therefore, closing the door has become a sexual secret code for the couple.

One night, after the husband got up to drink water and returned to the room, his wife suddenly said, “Close the door.

The husband understood, and quickly closed the door.

Just reaching for his wife, the wife said, “It’s too cold tonight.

“It turned out to be wrong. The husband was a little discouraged, but he covered the quilt to his wife.

After a while, the wife arched warmly into his arms and said, “You keep me warm, and I will make you think about lust!

“The programmatic sex with such a little vignette suddenly became unique.

  Some husbands like to buy sexy lingerie, perfume, etc. for their wives, which are all good behaviors.

Some wives are especially showy in front of their husbands.

There is a wife who does not usually drink alcohol, but sometimes also whimpers.

When the husband drinks, she also takes two sips in her husband’s glass.

The husband teased her and said, “Why can’t my wife get out of the cup today?

“She said to her husband,” I heard that wine can mess with sex, so I tried it. ”

The husband heard the meaning of her words, “sex” was very interesting, and naturally he was attentive to his wife, helped clean the dishes, and sometimes told two colored jokes.

Chunyi has been rippling since dinner. When the couple went to bed, can it feel wrong?

  This is the “erotic culture” of the couple, which is funny, fun, lively, very real, and a little comic.

Merry but not inferior, it seems to be “art in the room”, but it has great flexibility in life.

True love cannot avoid “sex”, so why give up its fun and romance?