Li Ming did not answer,It’s just a force in the fingers。

“I don’t know if you are willing to join my dark kingdom!”The waning moon world god asked again。
Dark country,Facing the Dao League, they are still relatively weak,Although there is a master of the holy city,Among Dao Monarchs, Bacchus is also the number one power in Dao Monarch,But definitely not another peak Daoist。
From the perspective of the world god of the waning moon,Maybe this unknown world god was suppressed in the Dao League?!
That’s why she appeared,I hope to win this world into the dark realm。
Hear the words of the god of the waning moon world,Also makes Li Ming stunned,Then waved his hand and refused。
joke,The Dao League is the first force in the endless territory–In his plan,Unless it is the ultimate way to become eternal,Otherwise, Dao Meng will be one of his own help。
Even if you join other strengths,Is it bad to join an ancient practitioner??After all, the dark kingdom is hostile to the Dao League。
And not just the Dao League,Mangyakuo、Kingdom of Storms、Even the eternal race are somewhat hostile to the dark kingdom。
See Li Ming’s refusal,The waning moon world god sighed,She also knows that her solicitation is extremely unlikely。
Since I refuse,Then still the enemy!
The sword light like moonlight comes out of its sheath,The waning moon world god once again showed the form of double-sided and eight-armed,Rushed up,At the same time, the black sword air secret technique began to expand。
A cold light flashed in Li Ming’s eyes,The sands of ten thousand worlds are strangling crazy,Although it was split by the sword light of the world god of the waning moon,,But never stopped。