Massage acupuncture points to solve embarrassment of women

Massage acupuncture points to solve embarrassment of women

It is well known that women love face more than men.

Studies have shown that women are more constipated than men.

When a woman encounters constipation, she will be embarrassed to talk to the people around her.

So women, secretly learn to use TCM massage therapy!

Promote peristalsis correctly and pay attention to the direction of rubbing, which will relieve constipation in a short time; but if the operation direction is opposite, it will be counterproductive.

  Nine ways of self-massage 1.

Wipe the pulse position: the midpoint between the two nipples is connected to the midpoint of the wide palm of the lower umbilicus.

  The midpoint is located on the skull, anterior midline, flat 4th intercostal, the midpoint where the two nipples connect.

  The middle pole point is located in the lower abdomen, anterior midline, and 4 inches below the umbilicus.

  Massage method: The patient lies on his back or sits, with his left or right thumb, inserts Renmai (middle of the abdomen) from the Zhongzhong point to the middle pole point, and the direction is always from top to bottom. The operation is 20 times. The strength should not be too large, butKeep your skin close.


Tianshu acupoint and Daheng acupoint: Zhangshu acupoint is located in the middle of the abdomen, in the flat umbilicus, and 2 inches from the umbilicus.

  Daheng acupoint is located in the middle of the abdomen, 4 inches from the middle of the umbilicus.

  Massage method: Put your two palms flat on the mid-abdomen, with both middle fingers facing the umbilicus, and rub it clockwise with a little force to make the belly feel warm.


Point rubbing abdominal knot points and Qihai points: abdominal knot points are located in the lower abdomen, under Daheng point l.

3 inches, 4 inches from the front midline.

  Qi Hai points are located in the lower abdomen, anterior midline, and in the lower and middle umbilicus.

5 inch.

  Massage method: press the thumb and abdomen of both hands to press the ipsilateral abdominal nodule a little, and then feel the soreness, then rub it clockwise for 1 minute; then rub the Qihai acupoint with the thumb of one hand, the same strength as the abdominal nodule, Same operation for 1 minute.


Clockwise rubbing the whole abdomen massage method: overlap the two palms, buckle on the umbilicus, apply a little force, rub the whole abdomen in a clockwise direction, pay attention to penetrate into the abdominal cavity, so that you can follow the palm in the abdominal cavity.

  The main reasons for constipation are as follows: 1.

The diet is unreasonable, and preference is given to high protein and spicy foods.

High-protein foods are the slowest in asynchronous operation and can produce a lot of harmful gases. For example, high-protein beef is an important food to induce colorectal cancer.


Aged and frail.

Elderly people have low body function, reduced transplantation ability, and reduced perianal muscle strength, so most elderly people have constipation.


Overweight women.

In order to be slim, many girls avoid the “grease”, and they do not know that an appropriate amount of uncle is necessary for the human body. If they are unfortunately overwhelmed, it will cause hard stools.