The United States announced such amazing data]

The United States announced such amazing data]

In scientific research, people are used to speaking with data.

In fact, in terms of sex, some statistics can also help us understand sex more clearly and understand sexual knowledge.

Recently, an American article summarized eight unknown sex data.


Number of sexual partners.

According to a survey, there are 13 personal partners in men’s lives worldwide, and an average of 7 women.

This data takes into account polygamy and remarriage.

The survey also showed that 66% of people think that their current partner is most satisfied with them, and 10% think that the first personality partner is the most missed by them.


“First time” age.

The average age of men worldwide for the first time is 16.

9 years old and female 17.

4 years.

Of course, some countries that get married early push this age too much, such as India.

However, first-time sex is an important part of life, and experts recommend not rushing.