Artificial meat company received ten million financing on week, artificial beef will gradually enter the restaurant

Artificial meat company received ten million financing on week, “artificial beef” will gradually enter the restaurant
On March 12, STARFIELD announced that it has completed a multi-million-dollar financing, and the “artificial beef” related series of products jointly developed with the Li Jian team of Beijing Technology and Business University will successively land on Shile, Bang John, Huachurestaurant.This financing is invested by Yueyue Capital, Jingwei China, and New Crop Capital, a US plant-based investment agency.The relevant person in charge at Week Zero stated that this was the highest amount of financing completed by a domestic innovative artificial meat company.According to reports, on March 12, Shile’s 8 restaurants across the country will launch “artificial beef” burgers and “artificial beef” meatballs on weekdays; Huachu also launched “artificial beef and other related dishes.”In addition, the “artificial beef” future pizza jointly created by Zhou Ling and Bar John will be launched in April this year.What is the price of “artificial beef” with the real meat score?The relevant person in charge on Sunday said that the company’s “artificial beef” cost is in the middle of bulk pork and bulk beef.”Compared with the cost of artificial meat abroad, the cost of domestic artificial meat costs.”On March 11, Li Jian, a professor at Beijing Technology and Business University, accepted the sauna. Yewang said in an interview that the cost of artificial meat can be further reduced through technological advancement and mass production.On March 12, the sauna and Yewang found out from Meituan takeaway Shishile (Cade Shopping Center), the package price marked as “low-calorie American plant meat cheeseburger + extreme cola” was 68 yuan, and the price of real beef packageConsistent.Judging from the current artificial meat market, the price of packaged meat of American artificial meat brand Beyond Meat is about $ 12 a pound; the impossible meat artificial beef burger is priced at $ 12 in the restaurant, which is $ 1 more expensive than traditional beef burgers.Since the popularity of artificial meat concept stocks last year, domestic brands such as Green Common in Hong Kong, China and Jane Meat have also launched related products.Green Common “artificial pork” and Jane ‘s “artificial meat mooncakes” also gained some attention last year.In addition, big companies such as Shuanghui and Shuangta Food are all planning the artificial meat market, and plan to launch related products.The other American company, Beyond Meat, which was once caused by a fire of artificial meat, also plans to land in the Chinese market in the first quarter of this year, which may cause consequences due to the epidemic.Some people believe that this year will usher in a concentrated listing of artificial meat products. However, the problems of technology, high cost, limited production capacity, consumption concept, taste preference and other issues are the barriers for artificial meat companies to break through.Sauna, Ye Wang Ouyang Xiaojuan Editor Zhu Fenglan proofreading Wang Xin

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