Looking at Wu Tingfang’s body,Everyone took a breath of air everywhere。

“I haven’t played against the old pervert,I only know that he is a second-rate master,How is his real combat power?”The speaker is Chai Jin, the ancestor of the Chai family。
Zhou Chaoxian and Zhang Zhiliang looked at each other,Or Zhou Dynasty first:“I fought him no less than ten times,Although the old pervert is a casual repair,But his Lihuo is unique,I want to beat him,After at least a hundred tricks!”
Zhang Zhiliang also said:“The old pervert is extremely fast,If you want to escape,I can’t keep him!”
Everyone exclaimed,They don’t know Wu Tingfang’s combat power,But Zhou Chaoxian and Zhang Zhiliang are the most clear。
They ask themselves that their combat power is almost the same as the two,Then Wu Tingfang and his own combat power should not be much different。
Wu Tingfang died in Chen Xiu’s hands!
It seems that everyone underestimated this young man!
“Eh,Notify Boss Liu,Tell him about Wu Tingfang。Let him communicate with the secret world,Let us continue to hunt down Chen Xiu can。But we need to increase the specifications by half from the original conditions!”
Talking about Li Tianran, the oldest ancestor of Li Ji among the seven,He looked around at everyone,Keep saying:“My proposal,Are you okay?!”
Everyone nodded,Zhang Zhiliang even said:“Since everyone has no opinion,I will contact Boss Liu now,Let him open a condition with the secret messenger。”
On a hill,A man in a green robe is single-handed,Standing like a stone statue,His whole body is wrapped in a thick fog,Make it hard to see his appearance。
The man in Qingpao is named Chen Dayuan,It is a small sect among the 36 authentic sects of the secret realm——Outer disciple of Shengtianmen。
He is just a top-notch master,In the secret world is the existence of diaosi。