This lack is obviously very powerful,He is ready to study。

“not good!”
The rest of the people have changed colors,Return。
Among them, we are not in the future,But they have no momentum,I don’t dare to fight against the summer。
Summer is transiently moved into the crowd,Speed,Leave a debris in the air。
have to say,Under the same level,He occupies an absolute advantage,All-round press。
The energy of the original fire is a knife,Nothing,As long as he is locked by him,I will inevitably be killed。
“what……”“Escape……”These people are amazing,Exultment。
They don’t feel like being facing the same order,But a higher life and death。
The scream is issued from time to time,Capped with inevitable death,No suspense。
Mountainous,Another body is reddish,I have disappeared very quickly.,Bened in the depth。
As for those who first start fleeing,It doesn’t mean safe。
Summer did not chase,But I took out the black big bow.。
Four products arrows are in the bow strings,Visiting those spirits。
“call out!”
A sharp harsh sound,Round and arrow disappeared。
“what……”far away,A flushing spiritual warrior made a scream,The whole person is struggled to take a hundred meters.,Fall down。
“call out!”
Summer continues to bent bow,Four products are not in the distance。
There is another person called,It was firmly bored on a hill,Then the hill collapse,Leave only the sky。
He started five arrows continuously,Iron arrow breaks long,Dissenerated,It is like flying from the sky.。
Five Ling Taiwan strong people have fallen。
No one escapes,All blood dyed,Live in this。
Summer estimates a time,Collapse big bow,Flying flying wings,Grab the direction of those people fall、Extremely converges a corpse。
Spin,He twisted his head and looked at the direction of Yunshan.,Double wing,A black spot,Disappeared in the sky。
This is intentional。
Leave those who are lucky to survive。
After the dozens of miles,Confirm that no one is,Summer falls on the ground,Activate black jade secret treasure。
Fold back from another direction。
He runs quickly on the ground,Go straight to the direction of the Dongfu that has opened up.。
Not summer impulse,This is a well-thoughtable。
So many hills force joint search,He is escaping from Yunshan,Not necessarily。