Homeland Security ended, when she refused Titanic, she won the highlight again

“Homeland Security” ended, when she refused Titanic, she won the highlight again
In 2012, near the center of Charlotte, North Carolina, the shooting of the second season of the US drama “Homeland Security” in a huge and empty studio.Hearing the defamatory words of the script supervisor, Claire Denise, who played the female agent of the bipolar disorder, Claire Denise, was instantly questioned, humiliated, and sad emotions swept over her, shaking her fists gently.After four shots were taken, the director shouted “Ka” with satisfaction, showing an excited smile. Claire walked to the chair next to him and sat down quietly, wiping tears from the corners of his eyes.In 2020, Claire Denise was 41 years old. In “Homeland Security”, her dark circles, pores, and every wrinkle were exposed in front of the camera, and her body conveyed a strong and full of negative emotions.There are screenshots of her facial features everywhere on the Internet, even loyal movie fans jokingly spit out her suit and ticket messenger messenger bag, wrapped in old headscarves, and have a “neuron-like” personality.The main story of anti-terrorism, suspense, spy warfare has been filmed in the American drama for eight seasons. It has swept the major awards, and won the Golden Ball Award for the best female lead in the drama series.Nominated twice and won twice, the final season is still popular.Some critics commented that the most clever point of “Homeland Security” is called the starring Claire Denise.On Sunday evening local time, the eight season “Homeland Security” aired at the end of the show.[Give me a Romeo, but I do n’t want to be Juliet all the time]Director Baz Ruchman praised her as “Meryl Streep of this generation”, Leonardo recalled that “She was auditioning at the timeThe only actor who dared to look directly at me “.In 1996, director Buzz Ruchman made a modern version of “Romeo and Juliet”, the male and female protagonists were 21-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio and Judi Foster 16-year-old recommendedNew York girl Claire Denise.In the adaptation of this classic masterpiece, in addition to modern elements such as cars, police, flower shirts, violins, Time magazine and post-modernist visual styles, there are two unmatched eyes and smiles.At the first sight, the two stared at each other across the fish tank. A bright blue and yellow clownfish swam between the two, and Juliet bowed her head shyly.Director Baz Ruhrman praised her as “Meryl Streep of this generation”, and Leonardo recalled that “she was the only actor among the auditions who dared to look directly at me.”Years after the movie “Romeo and Juliet”, Claire Denise and Little Plum reunited.This movie made the two quickly become idols in the minds of boys and girls.Soon the pilot James Cameron invited the two to star in “Titanic”.But Claire refused to play the heroine Rose on the grounds of “just made a love epic and didn’t want to make a similar movie with the same partner”.Claire, who gave up her big opportunity, chose “to do the stupid things while you are young.”In 1998, a recommendation letter written by her director Oliver Stone went to Yale University to read psychology and live the life of an ordinary female student to make up for the youth time she was absent from acting in her childhood.She said: “At the age of seventeen, I have been married twice on the screen and died twice. Not everyone can have this quote.”Although I missed” Titanic “, I didn’t miss my life.”The fate of one of the 50 most beautiful women in the world by” People “magazine is not satisfied with the image of a Hollywood jade girl. She did not continue to be a sweet Juliet.After the movie road, she began to cooperate with Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, Jacques Phoenix, Sean Pan, and also chose to break through.[At the age of 15, he won the Golden Globe Award, but had two years of no drama.]Claire joked that he was always addicted to the role of turning acting into extreme sports. “I am working on the diagnosis and statistical manual of mental illness, so,Carly, the “crazy woman” in “Homeland Security,” was not Claire’s first breakthrough.At the age of 8, she saw Madonna’s performance on TV and began to want to become a professional actor.Although it was soon discovered that the actor didn’t seem to make much money to shake for a while, she made up her mind after performing at the age of 9 and said to her mother: “Don’t worry about money, I just want to be an actor.”At the age of 15, she accepted the American drama” My Adolescence “as the best candidate for the drama series of the Golden Globe Awards. A reporter stopped her from trying to interview after the awards ceremony, and Claire, who was still in high school, replied inexplicably:”But I have to go back and write a thesis.”American drama” My Adolescence “When she was 11 years old, she played the abused girl in the short film. After that, she chose the drama” Moments “, the commercial” Terminator 3 “, the literary film” Sheep “and” Star “”Dust” and “Dark Night” explore their own performance methods in different genres.In 2010, Claire played HBO’s biographical film “Autism Course” as the American animal scientist who had suffered from autism since childhood, and the animal husbandry doctor Tianbao Grantin, which is also regarded as one of her most successful performances.In order to play this role, Claire observed the life and speaking habits of autistic patients, studied Grantin’s records and biographies, and invited Grantin to talk at home, and recorded videos to repeat the practice of imitation every day.Director Mick Jackson said: “We have almost no rehearsals.But when Claire opened the first shot, everyone was stunned.Her performance is almost terrifyingly similar to that of Grantin himself!”After the film was released, Claire’s performance was recognized by Grantin himself, and she won the Emmy Award, Golden Globe Award, Satellite Award and American Actors Guild Award in four mini-series best actress awards in one fell swoop.She didn’t come out for two years, and she always got the excitement of the performance.On the left is Tian Bao Granting, on the right is a decades-long acting career of “Autism Course”. She has explored how to interpret different symptoms of mental anxiety, from domestic violence, autism, paralysis, and paranoia.Have tried.Claire joked that he always loves the roles that turn acting into extreme sports. “I am studying the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Diseases, so anyway, the mental symptoms give me .” Her charm comes from her constantBreakthrough and unpredictable potential.From costumes to modern times, from elegance to madness, she can control it.However, before Homeland Security, Claire had been unemployed for two years. There was no suitable job opportunity, and he once thought about switching to interior design.[In “Homeland Security”, experience subconscious emotional runaway]She once gave the then President Barack Obama a signed “Homeland Security” boxed disc. Later, when she met, she observed and said to her: “You are more actor than meThe President is better.”When signing the first season of” Homeland Security, “Claire did not read all the scripts. She was only moved by the heroine Carrie, who has bipolar disorder and needs long-term medication to maintain mental and emotional stability, hoping to see herCan go further.During that time, she found that some people with bipolar disorder would speak to the camera when they were in a low mood, and then publish it on social networking sites. She often opened their videos to experience their status and then used it in performances.Claire described her emotional state when she played Carly: “My body started to tremble unconsciously, completely subconsciously.”This experience is very interesting and somewhat mysterious.”Director Leslie Grat praised Claire’s performance:” I have always and clearly planned the shooting, but when encountering a fearless actor like Claire, you will very much want to see the charm she gives to this role.”When Claire was pregnant with her second child during the sixth season, she was clearly aware of the strong reaction of oxides every day due to the large emotional changes. She put her hands on her stomach to correct it and was not helpful:” It’s really difficult for me to goPlaying a really bad mother, especially when I was pregnant “.Although Claire was taken aback when she received the invitation for the second season, she wanted to retreat, but she insisted that she did not repeat even if she played a role of Carly: the lonely helpless speculator in the first season, the second seasonHere is the avant-garde vanguard officer, the frustrated and frustrated person in the third season, the fiercely determined female agent in the fourth season, the involuntary legal counsel in the fifth season, the single mother who struggled in the sixth season,The lonely antagonist in the seventh season, and the “traitor” who traveled far away in the eighth season.”Homeland Security” not only allowed Claire to win the Emmy Award for Best Actress, but also spread the influence to the White House.She once gave a signed “Homeland Security” boxed disc to the then President Barack Obama. Later, when she met, she observed and said to her: “It’s better for you to be an actor than to be president.”Controversy-Bipolar disorder challenges the limits of the audience.” Her charm lies in the resentment and entanglement under her crazy surface . “and such performances are not acceptable to everyone.Since the start of the first season, Claire’s role, Carly, has gained a lot of controversy.In the play, she often has exaggerated mad performances and “intolerable” behaviors. She cries when she collapses, is irritable when thinking about clues, and has some crazy thinking logic. When a bipolar disorder occurs, it is more likely to become an audience.Unbelievable craziness.Anne Hathaway once imitated Carly ‘s expression on a show. A show crew described her imitation like this: “Her mouth is completely upside down, and her eyes look glaring at the same time.This direction seems to be chewing gum all over her face.”There are also critics commenting on” Homeland Security “as” the best metaphor in the TV series in the post-September 11 era “;” The United States is a crazy, neurotic, over-reacting blonde girl “, and Carly ‘s character setting precisely reflects thisThe chaos after the disillusionment of the seemingly indestructible image of the country.It is certainly not easy to carry a performance of this weight.Faced with the audience’s attack and confusion, Claire replied in an interview: “Obviously Carly is a very stubborn, morbid, and dangerous character. I think she can really challenge the limits of the audience because they are the most annoying characters.Just a mother who doesn’t even love her children.Although she is always in trouble and is in deep trouble, she will eventually find that what she did is correct.You can never guess her, this role is the biggest attraction for me.When she wants to vent her grief, it is likely to cause excessive things due to mood swings.Her charm is that she can express resentment, distress, entanglement, unwillingness, despair and other different mentalities in a hierarchical manner under the surface of mania.This is a huge challenge for me, because I want to bring the audience into her inner world, I must convince myself.Do n’t worry, I ‘m not like Carly at all. Playing Carly is a very complicated inner process, but I ‘m very happy to be able to do it.”The media asked her the most heartbreaking moment in the whole drama. She thought about it and answered that Brody, Quinn’s death and having to abandon her daughter, she was so sad that she could not accept it.”But,” she added, “this is her choice.The reason she is her.And she is my choice.”Author Wen Sauna, Ye Wang Li Yan Editor Wu Dongni Proofreading Zhao Lin

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