“Mr. Xia is out,You are Chen Xia’s friend,Naturally my friend,What’s this“Lang Hu said,The driver has been asked to drive the car to a plum-cut hair salon and stopped,

at this time,The barber shop’s business is good,Basically sitting full,More than half of the barbers are young and beautiful women,All the pink skirts to the thigh heel,And the tops are very tight,Sketch everyone’s curve vividly。
“Boss lady!“Lang Hu just stepped into the salon,Yelled loudly。
A woman in her thirties walked out of the room,She has short hair,Wore two very fashionable big earrings,One step under the skirt,Two beautiful legs are evenly slender。
“Yo!Who am i?It turned out to be Manager Lang,Please sit down,What brought you here,You seem to be out of time for me!“Woman laughing,I greeted everyone and sat on the sofa in the middle of the room。
Lang Hu smiled,Lowered his voice and joked:“Madam boss, this is the second development!Your breasts seem to be getting bigger“
“hate!You are not afraid of your friends jokes“The lady boss gave Lang Hu an angry look。
Lang Hu then laughed and said:“No laugh no fun,My friend wants a haircut,Please fuck yourself,He is a big man,I don’t like the craftsmanship of your employees“
“Manager Lang,Are you embarrassing me?I don’t work anymore,I’ll find you a good craftsman,Guarantee your friend satisfaction,good or not“The boss said,Two ecstatic eyes floated on Xia Jian’s body。
Lang Hu smiled and said:“We are also old friends,Don’t give this face,No matter what,I take my friends to other places“Lang Hu said,Stood up。
The boss’s sexy lips move,A little angry said:“I can’t do it?Really“
“Xiao Hong,Push a chair into the room“The boss said,One side has already started arrangements。
“Is that right,We are waiting outside“Lang Hu suddenly said with a smile。
The lady boss spread her hands and said:“It’s just that big inside,There is nowhere to sit if you want to go in,You can’t lie down on my bed!The lady boss finished saying this,I laughed first。
The inner room was originally a stairwell,Under the stairs,A single bed,As soon as you enter the door is a dressing table,Some women’s supplies are on the table。
When Xia Jian went in,The chair is set for him,The lady boss motioned to him to sit down,And closed the doorman,She smiled and said:“I have stopped cutting for many days,This is all forced by this Langhu,If this is for others to see,Time to have an opinion“
“Sorry,Actually for me,Everyone is the same“Xia Jian said with a smile。
Hair cutting is basically a set of procedures,Everything is ready,The lady boss put her hands on Xia Jian’s head,Massaged gently,There is absolutely nothing to say which technique is good,This has been posted so many times in my hometown,He has taken care of everything from a few dollars to dozens,But I have never enjoyed such treatment。
Haircut like this,It is indeed a kind,No wonder Lang Hu asked the boss to cut it automatically,slowly,Xia Jian felt like sleeping,In confusion,He felt two soft objects close to the back of his head,Xia Jian couldn’t help but opened his eyes。