Reminder: Do n’t peel the eggplant

Reminder: Do n’t peel the eggplant

Experiments have shown that eggplant is rich in vitamin E and vitamin P, which has the function of lowering cholesterol and improving capillary elasticity. It also has a good protective effect on the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It is a powerful weapon for preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in food.

Eggplant also clears heat and swelling, clears the meridians, dispels congestion, and stops bleeding and diarrhea.

  Eat eggplant in summer can choose to cook with a variety of vegetables and meat.

But be careful not to peel the eggplant as much as possible because the eggplant skin is rich in nutrients.

Also, do n’t fry eggplants. The vitamin content of eggplants fried after high temperature will be greatly lost. If you really want to eat fried, you can first put the eggplant pieces with starch and egg paste, and then fry in the pan.

Summer is also suitable for steaming some tomato paste to help relieve the heat.