Get in touch with yoga

Get in touch with yoga

In the spacious and comfortable yoga room, yoga enthusiasts are “crowded” full, and the coach ‘s soft and mysterious voice kicks all the “gods” and “hearts” of yoga enthusiasm together, exhaling”,” Inhale “,” Relax “actions, make you exceptionally calm and relaxed!

  Yoga is an ancient fitness sport with a history of 5000 years.

By simulating the posture of animals (such as cobras, cats, eels, camels, spot bugs, etc.) and a series of pulling, twisting, bending and other tasks, the positions that have not been physically active on the body are stretched, twisted, and massaged.Allows rapid improvement in health.

Yoga is a deep and profound subject. Through practice, you can soften your body, sculpt your figure, and relax your body and mind.

  Hatha Yoga It is considered to be the oldest yoga that achieves building a healthy body through body posture, breathing techniques, and meditation training.

It contains nearly 200 of the most important postures, thereby flexing the spine and improving the circulation of internal organs, glands, and tissues.

At the same time, it also stretches the body and strengthens the connection between various parts of the body, making the body more flexible and more balanced.

One of the best yoga systems.

  Adapt to the crowd: any age, never practiced.

  Ashtanga Yoga Ashtanga Yoga combines a fixed asana sequence (especially the beginning and ending part), one-point gaze, close-up, triumphant breathing, tandem pose, balance, strength, appropriateness, softnessBoth have high requirements and promotion, and can experience the magic of meditation from sports.

  Adapt to the crowd: those who have a certain practice basis need to develop strength and weight loss.

  Viyasa Yoga tandem yoga poses are coherent through smooth movements in one go, forming a sequence of movements.

Each of these connection actions is coordinated with breathing to assist in completing each posture.

This exercise balances strength and flexibility and improves cardiovascular function.

By adjusting the breath, you can eliminate the thoughts in your heart and achieve inner peace.

Open and restrained, moving and calm.

  Adapt to the crowd: have a certain practice basis, focus on exercise skills.

  Thermal Yoga Thermal Yoga refers to yoga practiced in a room temperature of 38 ° C-42 ° C and a certain humidity.

It arranges asanas according to the characteristics of human muscles, ligaments, and tendons. It has a great effect on detoxification and weight loss. It can also enhance the function of endocrine glands and assist the treatment of chronic diseases.

In high temperature, the body also becomes soft, can easily complete the posture, and is not easy to be injured.

  Adapt to the crowd: Those who usually do not sweat, need to lose weight.

  Note: Hypertension, dizziness, and hypertension should not be practiced.

  Strength yoga addresses the needs of men’s decompression, self-cultivation, and mind-building. Men’s yoga pays more attention to the practice of strength and balance, cultivates a bold and focused personality, stimulates the potential energy of life, and stabilizes the impetuous mind.

Normally practicing men’s yoga is more effective in relieving sub-health caused by long-term work stress or irregular diet.

  Adapt to the crowd: men who engage in a lot of mental work and work diet, men who eat irregularly.

  Meditation Yoga Through posture and breathing and meditation, you can put your body and brain into a completely relaxed state in a short period of time, making you forget about the troubles of life.

For all sleeping people, 30 minutes of meditation is equivalent to 3 hours of sleep.

People who practice yoga often find that their sleep time is shortened, and they only sleep 4 times a day?
For 5 hours, it is not easy to feel tired.

  Adapt to the crowd: Any crowd.

  Slimming Yoga Yoga does not advocate weight loss through surgical liposuction or dieting. It is recommended that those who lose weight should perform step-by-step exercises to achieve the effect of stretching the body in a natural state.

Slimming yoga moves mainly around the most obese parts of the human body. The waist and abdomen are used to do exercises, which can help practitioners normalize their own glandular activity, maintain good muscle amplitude, and control appetite.The functions of various parts of the body are adjusted to create a beautiful figure.

After long-term practice, you can naturally adjust to the appropriate weight and maintain a flexible and beautiful posture.

  Adapt to the crowd: female slimming body.

  Aromatherapy yoga can improve the body’s self-healing ability through the sense of smell, and can improve the symptoms of dark face and nervous breakdown.

  Adapt to the crowd: all yoga lovers.