Someone’s marriage is prone to failure_1

Someone’s marriage is prone to failure

1. Over-romantic people.

They have high expectations of their marriage life and high demands on their partners.

  2. People who depend too much on their parents.

This kind of person is not yet mature in mentality. As soon as a problem occurs in their marriage life, they ask their parents for help and will not work with their partner.

  3. Overly dramatic people.

This kind of person reacts to the mood, sorrow and joy, not only makes the other party feel “aggressive” pressure, but often after the problem occurs, because of overreaction and lost room for recovery, leading to marriage failure.

  4. Over-accommodating people.

Such people are too accommodating to their partners, spoil them, and do everything to do it for fear of poor service.

After many years, the other party has naturally formed the habit of giving instructions, and occasionally “inadequate service” will become the cause of conflict and friction.

  5. Chattering people.

This type of person cannot make the other person have a relatively quiet environment, which makes the other person bored over time.

  6. Overly lazy people.

This type of person is too bulky for the partner, everything is done by the other party, and he enjoys it with peace of mind. After a long time, the other party will feel a burden, and can not appreciate the warmth of life.

  7. Overly picky people.

These people continue to make sharp criticisms of any thoughts and actions of their partners, making them intolerable.

  8. Excessive people.

This kind of person is not only self-serving and frugal, but also can’t tolerate a partner’s slightly more conventional consumption. The entertainment or enjoyment that should be in life is deprived, and there is no natural fun.

  9, sentimental “ill” people.

Such people are more common in women. They constantly complain to their husbands about some imaginary “disease”, repeating them, hoping to attract the care and attention of their husbands, but often they are self-defeating and make their husbands intolerable.

  10. People who demand perfection.

This kind of person requires everything to meet the highest standards in their minds, causing both parties to the marriage to bear significant pressure on their bodies, and good marriage relationships are difficult to maintain.