[Hazards of secondary water supply]_ disadvantages _ impact

[Hazards of secondary water supply]_ disadvantages _ impact

Water is the source of life, and it is an essential substance in our lives. The safety of drinking water is of paramount importance. However, secondary water supply now appears in many places. The so-called secondary water supply is actually using water to pressurize the water.For suppression, the most common is the high-level water we use. High-level water is generally used in high-level water, which is what we call secondary water supply. However, long-term use of this water is easy to breed bacteria and harm the body.

1What is secondary water supply?

When the water pressure and the volume of domestic and industrial buildings ‘drinking water require more than the capacity of municipal public water supply or self-built facilities’ water supply pipe network, the storage or filtration facilities are used to supply users or their own water supply methods through pipes.

Secondary water supply is the only option for high-level water supply.

2Is the management method of secondary water supply?

The secondary water supply is not a municipal water supply, that is, it is not a water supply company’s water supply. It should be local property management.

3 secondary water supply, how to distinguish high-rise buildings?

Now there are at most seven floors (including seven floors). Due to insufficient pressure in the city’s water pipe network, secondary water supply equipment is needed to supply power.

There are indeed two water supply pipes. The municipal water supply is below the 6th floor, and the supply is from the first floor up.

Above the 7th floor is the property water supply, which is supplied from the highest floor. The two pipes are strictly allowed to communicate.

Called no matter how high, there will even be three water supply pipes.

4What are the requirements for the water tank for secondary water supply?

The water tank should be made of food-grade stainless steel, the welding material should match the material of the water tank, and the weld should be anti-oxidized.

5Why is there always a water quality problem in the secondary water supply?

Mainly because of the high-level water tank, the high-level water tank should be cleaned in accordance with the regulations, the rule is that it must be cleaned less than four years, the water quality should be cleaned once a year.

The secondary water supply water tanks on the roofs of some old communities, many residents can not see that the water tank is a certain kind.

If the community pool is not cleaned, disinfected or covered for a long time, rainwater and foreign matter will enter the water tank, which will cause sediment accumulation and harmful algae breeding, and there will be rotten items, rust, dead rats, and ant carcasses floating.

The water tank is left unattended, and viruses, bacteria and even red bugs breed here.

If someone often consumes water with excessive flora, it will lead to a decline in human immune function, repeated discomfort, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms; for infants, elderly and frail, patients with chronic diseases, the consequences are unimaginable!