Gu Anan,How did he be so anxious?。

Xu Jinghe looked down at her,“you’ve been drinking。”
Gu An An surprised his care,Nodded,“Um!unhappy,Lu Haokai went outside to find a woman.。”
“hehe”Xu Jinghe laughed,“Anan,Isn’t that good??
You are all mine later.。”
Gu An’an looked at him ashamed.,Not talking。
in a moment,They become this。
I don’t know when it will be tired.,But,Now Xu Jinghe,But let her have a peace of mind,Get it in the body。
Between and between him,A sweet。
His room is very large,It seems to be open with two rooms,Gray-white decoration,Very suitable for his style,Exquisite wild strokes,That’s the pen,Let the interest here。
Large bed,Locating gray sheets。
Xu Jinghe hugged her lying on the bed,Looking at the woman who is weak, no wind,I have already been awkward。
His low channel:“Anan,I will make your heart disappeared.。”
Gu An An, I heard this.,I can’t help but get a burst of ripples.,She always feels inferior,Few people are close to men,only one,Lu Haozheng。
The righteous man。
For her,Not interested。
She thought she,I will accompany the man’s side of my life.,His wife,Do a happy little woman,Even the position of others,She also feels that happiness belongs to her own.,But when I arrive, I am a bamboo basket.,She is not as good as she is replaced.。
She laughed:“How to make me forget the troubles,I am really annoying now.,Especially the things of Gu Jia。”
Xu Jinghe Weiyu,Holding her with a soft and embarrassing action,“Anan,Let’s enjoy it next.,Will not let you forget all the troubles。”
Gu Anan God is changing,With a touch of desire and expectation,have to say,In that way,This man really can make women can’t stop。
Xu Jinghe laughed,“Anan,I know all things to stand in Gu Jia.,Don’t you want to get a house??
Waiting for a while, I tell you what to do.?
I will get everything you want.。”
This last sentence,Undoubtedly a poke to Gu An’an’s soft rib,she,Must get a house,She wants to step on Blue Xin at the foot.,I can’t get up in my life.。
“it is good,I’m relying on you.。”
Gu An’an took the initiative to send himself。
A happy exercise lasts for a long time。
afterwards,Gu An An is satisfied on the lounge chair。
Xu Jinghe is a glass of juice to give her a drink。
“Anan,Drink some juice,I called takeaway,After a while,We are talking about。”
“it is good!”
Gu Anan enjoy this moment,And Lu Haokai,Always serve him yourself.,And him,Never never do this to yourself。
Memarkine is not the same,He is very intentional。
Gu Anan drank a juice,On the table,Xu Jinghe played her hair,Look wholly in her ear:“Anan,tell me,Just when I am with me,Do you have trouble in your heart??”
Gu An An, I heard this.,Red face,But quickly shook your head,“there is none left,Only enjoy。
You are so powerful,Do I have the opportunity to think about other things??”
“hehe”Xu Jinghe heard this,Satisfied smile。
“How is the feeling on the lounge chair??”