The vibration in the base is still continuing,This time domain is very fast,Han Jiang attacked several times without caught the fluctuation of space,Can’t force the entrance。

It’s good to build a problem in the construction of the base.,Han Jiang is soaked in a space for production workshop.,There are no signs of collapse of the collapse yet。
A person suddenly appeared behind Hanjiang,Instead of ten refers to the blade,At the sneak attack Hanjiang。
Han River turned in time,Blocking the championship,One foot opened。
“I didn’t expect it.,Han Jiang Xiao Shi。”People even smile。
Han Jiang eyes stunned,“I didn’t expect you to die.?”
The voice is very familiar,The voice of the woman who dominated the legal body。
“Hundreds of worms are still dead and dead,What’s more, what is God’s messenger??”The voice of people even mature charm appears in a one in the mouth。
“Take a great effort,Only transformed the body into this way,Even if you are all,Deal with you……Whee,I feel enough.。”
“Your two little girlfriends……”Poll suddenly blocks the mouth,“is a friend,Can people do not admit that you do your girlfriend?,Right。”
“Where is their two now?!?”
Han Jiang continues to attack a long gun,The unexpected shot of the chest。
Daily praise again:“You hurt people.,Han Jiang Xiao Shi,You don’t know how to distress girls at all.。”
Chapter 637 Hello
Han Jiang’s eyebrow eye,Right hand,A punch, the people,Work hard in your hand。
“Have more nonsense!”
Follow,The sound of rumbling sound。
Han Jiang is constantly looking for cracks that lead to the imaginary space of the law,He must find it quickly.!
“What happened to that person??”Rita can’t hold complaint。
“Hiss。”Qi Lai Del is gently closed to the eyes:“He is looking for a spatial crack,Don’t talk。”
Fu Lai Deer knows the purpose of Hanjiang,Start the eyes closed eyes,Also looking for fluctuations in space。
This time, the only one left, it dares to come to the base.,That represents it has a greater grasp of success.。
Seeing the team’s big people seriously,Rita is also serious。
Energy stolen from the crane reaction furnace,Perhaps no relationship with the next law,Perhaps the energy of the energy is dominant!
In this case……Now this law is no longer only the strength of the law.,She or can be more powerful.!
The whole base was shaken for a few minutes, finally stopped.,Hanjiang’s signal is also disappeared on the map.。
Imaginary space is still an imaginary space arrived,A library of broken libraries。
But this time, Han Jiang felt that the virtual space was more than the last time.,More than this is more energy。
When Hanjiang breaks space cracks,After entering the imaginary space,The solar change occurs again。
All lights close at the same time,Emergency spare energy can not be opened。
Female Wushen with rich combat experience will not panic,Still searching for the task in accordance with the original plan。
The same spatial crack,The appearance in front of Heier and Bronia。
“Bronia sister,We left here again.!”
Discover the crack,Xier’s first response。
Blonia hesitated,“We found the response of the law,You should inform Fu Lai Deol,Then attack!”
Bronia’s practice is theory, there is no problem.,But she still did not report like Yishli.,Spatial crack begins to expand,Put the two at the same time。
now,Demonstrates within the virtual space of the law,There are five people.。