How high is the money index for a woman to be happy

How high is the money index for a woman to be happy

In 2010, in the first phase of a survey of Chinese women’s happiness, they threw a sensitive bombshell on Chinese people: How much money do you feel happy?

  The survey results show that most people feel that there is an inevitable connection between happiness and money. At the same time, most people also feel that when they own a house and a series of hardware that can guarantee a stable life, happiness will be more solid.

  At the same time, the concept of lowering the respondent’s treatment of happiness is also relatively rational: white-collar income, well-off life, simple happiness . this is the most straightforward definition of happiness for ordinary people.

  From this survey, I thought of a sentence that a psychologist once said: Wealth is like health, and a complete lack will definitely be unhappy, but just having it will not ensure happiness.

  To put it simply: happiness is to have enough money to live, and unhappiness is to have so much money that you don’t want to live a solid life!

  Live a solid life, but in fact women always feel more insecure about money. It can be seen from the survey that most women’s ideas are committed to making their little lives more moist and living arrangements at willIt’s more interesting.

  Men can do business in order to do business, and women can even do business, but also in order to have more wealth ability to make their own and family life more comfortable.

Therefore, many men think that women are more greedy for money and money. In fact, this is the eternal family psychological attribute of women: they always want to accumulate wealth and create a safer lifestyle.

  In addition, the resonance grinding in this survey: In a society, people’s unhappiness is greatly related to the difference between rich and poor.

  Surveys by sociologists have shown that: in a society with equal income, human life is generally extended.

Unequal income can cause frustration for low-income earners and make them feel less valuable.

  Modern women take on the same heavy work as men, and do they neglect their own health in addition to daily fatigue?

Don’t forget, only health can make you shine!

  The source of happiness The vast majority of respondents are particularly sensitive to the issue of “prices of house prices”, both because of their shyness and because “house car tickets are just the source of a person’s social value. They cannot afford a house car.It only means that there is no comfortable living environment, and it also means that he lacks a confident part in this society!

“A person, all the sources of happiness, come from his sense of value and existence: to make him feel that his life is important, and that he has meaning to his loved ones, friends, and even the world.

  It can be said that the word “happiness” seems to be related to “money”, but in fact, behind the “money”, it is a “position” in which one lives in this world.

  Everyone needs a position, and many people think that this position is just bought with money.

But in fact, only the land area can be bought by money. What you cannot buy is “where you are in the hearts of others”, and the space in this person’s hearts is the happiness and the biggest source of support.

Just like the representative of the happy woman in the minds of the respondents, Yang Lan was elected with a high vote. These two people saw that a woman must have a wealth and a good home.

Home has a place in her heart, she has a place at home, this is a woman who seems bland but irreplaceable happiness!