Autumn Frozen cannot be too blind

“Autumn Frozen” cannot be too blind
Medical Instructor / Yan Zhenghua, Deputy Chief TCM Physician of Panyu Hospital, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, entered the late autumn, and the weather became cooler, even the sun was shining, and the chill was significantly worse when the autumn wind hit.The south can’t talk about cold, but at the same time, the temperature difference is significantly increased. Too many people can easily adapt to this change.However, some people insisted that according to the “spring cover autumn freeze”, they did not think it was necessary to add warm clothes too soon.However, you may have heard the old man in the family say “no white body, no cold feet”. In late autumn, proper clothing is also important for health and disease prevention, especially for those who are weak and lack of yang.freeze”.Text / All Media Reporter Weng Shuxian Correspondent Xu Yongyi Mo blindly sticks to the “autumn freeze” as the saying goes, “Spring covers autumn freezes”, Zheng Yanhua, deputy chief physician of the Panyu Hospital of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University believes that “autumn freezes” are actually aimed at early autumnThe season is between the beginning of autumn and Bailu.In the late autumn after entering the cold dew, the weather changed from cool to 杭州夜网 cold. As a result, due to the different locations in the north and the south, the climate varies greatly, and the north has a significant cooling.Guangzhou Qiuliang is relatively late, you can extend the “autumn freezing” time according to the high temperature and personal fitness, without having to add clothes too soon.Zheng Yanhua explained that in Guangzhou, due to the impact of summer heat on the human body, it is appropriate for ordinary people in good health to wear less, and it is advisable that the body does not feel cold, so that the summer heat can be diverged, and it can be avoided to stay inAutumn and winter collections are not good.This is also the health characteristics of maintaining Yin and Tianjin in the fall and keeping the Yin inside.However, the “autumn freeze” matter varies from person to person.In the late autumn, we must always pay attention to climate change. When the temperature is obviously lowered, we should increase and decrease clothes in time, and do not blindly stick to the “autumn freeze”.The elderly and children, as well as some people who are seriously ill and chronically ill, are in a state of decline or incomplete development. Their physiological functions are relatively poor and their resistance is weak. Therefore, they must be careful.Especially for people with insufficient yang, some patients with old cold legs, women with chronic dysmenorrhea and irregular menstrual periods, should pay more attention to keeping warm, and not blindly “autumn freezing”.Qiu Liang Timing should be thin-layered Zheng Yanhua said that Qiu Liang Timing should be thin-layered.Generally, the upper body can be worn thinner or looser in the daytime. It is advisable to remove the summer heat from the body, but do not expose the navel, and avoid the nakedness of the neck and shoulders.Lower body can be changed to wear trousers, preferably without feet.Some young people like to wear ripped pants, it is best to avoid some parts of the exposure.From the perspective of Chinese medicine, she explained that normal or slightly warm clothing on the lower body can protect the body’s yang.Although it has entered late autumn, the highest temperature in Guangzhou during the day is still as high as 30 ° C, and it will be cooler in the morning and evening.Too many people still wear summer clothes when they go out every day. When the autumn wind blows, they still feel a little chill. When their resistance drops, they tend to catch cold.It is recommended to go out early in the morning to wear a long-sleeved thin shirt with multiple layers of thin clothes. It feels too hot at noon and is easy to remove. In the evening, the temperature drops and then put on again.Soaking your feet can warm you up, but you must also have a degree of “coldness from your feet” and “soles warm your whole body.” Zheng Yanhua said that soaking your feet is a good way to keep your lower limbs warm in autumn and winter.Except for wormwood, ginger, salt, peppercorn, these kitchen materials can be used as the material for ordinary people to soak their feet. It is generally enough to add water to the feet. For example, people with cold hands and feet in autumn and winter can use wormwood to cook water (or use hot water)Water-soaked wormwood leaves for 20 minutes) is used to soak feet; however, people who are easy to get angry or who have soaked their feet with soothing throat and dry mouth are not advised to soak their feet with wormwood leaves every day, twice a week is enough.For those experiencing the cold, you can use ginger and salt to cook your feet in water. Sweating slightly can help drive the cold; but using ginger to soak your feet should not be a high fever.In addition, soaking the feet with peppercorns can also help dispel dampness and cold, and relieve pain in the warmth. If you feel stomach bloating or abdominal pain and diarrhea after cooling, you can use the peppercorns to soak your feet to help remove coldness and relieve pain in the body.Feet should also be “degree”, some water temperature should not be high, generally about 40 ℃; and the time should not be too long, 10?20 minutes is appropriate; the height of the immersion should not exceed the toes.Be sure to dry after soaking your feet, it is best to massage the soles of your feet and calves by the way, which can alleviate the fatigue of the day.Sea cucumber and almond soup into the porridge to warm and nourish this solar term, to maintain peace, Wenrun is very important in health.Food and nutrition should be moist, Zheng Yanhua recommends that you can use ginseng and almonds to make soup or porridge. In fact, ginseng and almonds can be found in too many soups. Many “Lao Guang” are not unfamiliar, but may not be unfamiliar.Know that they also have north and south points.Zheng Yanhua explained that A. ginseng is the root of the plant of the family Platycodon grandifolium, which is a root of the coral family Corydalis of the Umbelliferae family.Nansha ginseng was originally published in Shennong’s Materia Medica, saying that it has the functions of “removing cold and heat, tonic, replenishing lung qi, and taking long-term benefits”, while Beisha ginseng has a record in “Compendium of Materia Medica”, which is considered to be a special supplementLung yin, clear lung fire.Beisha ginseng nourishes yin and clears heat and relieves cough, while Nansha ginseng has qi and yin tonic.Almonds are also divided into north and south. According to Zheng Yanhua, bitter almonds are also called north apricots, and sweet almonds are also called south apricots.Bitter almonds are commonly used as medicine.The bitter almond has a bitter taste, mild lukewarmness, and has a small toxicity. The dosage is generally not more than 10 grams each time. It has the effects of relieving cough, asthma, and laxative effects.The sweet almonds are sweet and flat, with similar effects to the bitter almonds, but they are slightly gentler, which helps to moisturize the lungs and relieve cough. It is often used for cough and constipation.Zheng Yanhua recommends that this season, you can use ginseng and almonds to cook soup or porridge, and warm and keep people-ginseng porridge material: Nansha ginseng 15?30 grams, 50 meters straight?100 grams of rock sugar.Method: Soak the ginseng, cook for about 40 minutes, take the medicinal juice, remove the dregs, cook the thin porridge with the previous rice, add the rock sugar after the porridge is cooked and eat.Almond and Sydney Soup Ingredients: 2 Sydney pears, 10 grams of southern almonds (peeled), 10 grams of northern almonds, and 10 medlars.Method: Peel the pear, cut out the core of the pear, and cut the pear into cubes. Put the almond, wolfberry, and rock sugar. Pour the appropriate amount of water into the stew bowl.Stew for 1 hour and serve.Stewed lean meat with almond ginseng: 10 grams of southern almond, 15 grams of northern ginseng, 200 grams of lean pork, 3 slices of ginger.Method: Wash the pork lean and cut into pieces, soak the almonds, ginseng for 20 minutes, put it into the stew pot with ginger, cook for 1 hour, season and serve.