[1 minute lazy breakfast]_how to do_how to do

[1 minute lazy breakfast]_how to do_how to do

For many office workers, they don’t actually make breakfast on their own, because getting up every morning has consumed all our perseverance, let alone making breakfast takes a lot of time.

But everyone knows that many breakfasts purchased are actually not healthy.

At this time, some lazy recipes are needed.

So, what kind of food do lazy people have for 1 minute?

For egg sandwich 1, beat a raw egg on a slice of bread, and use a fork or spoon to smash, so that the eggs are evenly covered with bread 2. Sprinkle salt on the egg liquid, you can also put vegetables, ham sausage, and cover with a slice of bread 3.Spread tomato sauce (or jam, salad dressing, etc.) on the surface of the bread for seasoning 4, put it in the oven, 700W as an example, high temperature for 1 minute, the egg liquid is basically solidified, you can appropriately increase the microwave time 10-20 seconds 5, except for eggsIn addition, clip the food separately, and adjust the microwave time as appropriate. The steamed egg custard of the shiitake mushrooms, soak the dried shiitake mushrooms, cut into two dices and three eggs with a knife.The ratio is about 1: 2), salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, mix well 3, after the water is boiled, put the bowl on the steam rack, turn a plate upside down, steam over medium and low heat for 10 minutes 4, open the lid, sprinkle with green onions, and thenSteam for 5 minutes 5, take it out, pour a bit of raw soy sauce, sesame oil can be used for egg pancakes 1, chopped green onions, ham sausage and finely sliced 2, add a small amount of raw flour to the flour, add salt, water, mix well to form a thin batterShape 3, don’t open the fire, don’t put any oil, pour an appropriate amount of batter in the pot, shake and spread the batter, and sprinkle onions花, Ham sausage grains 4, turn on the fire, after the batter is translucent, turn to a low heat, add eggs 5, wipe the egg liquid with a spoon, partly formed, roll the cake with the half-cooked egg liquid, the rolled cake can continueFry until the surface is browned with cheese and fry the eggs 1. Break up the eggs, add an appropriate amount of salt 2, pour the eggs into a pan that has been brushed with oil, turn the pan to spread the egg liquid into a round pancake 3, and place the cheese in the middle of the pancakeFold the surrounding quiche in order, cover the cheese, turn it over and fry, then you can make a toast version of banana pie 1, the toast is cut off the corners, the banana is cut into slices on the toast, and folded in halfTake 2 and beat two eggs, dip banana toast in egg liquid 3, put a small amount of oil in the pan, fry the toast into the pan until slightly double-sided, and melt the banana inside to make rice ball 1, glutinous rice,Rice is steamed at a ratio of 1: 1, and the rice is flattened on a plastic wrap. 3 You put a fried dough stick, vegetarian sausage, and mustard on the rice. Hold it tightly to make peanut milk 1. Soak raw peanut kernels in water overnight. It is recommended to keep the peanuts.Red clothing 2, put the soaked peanut kernels in the blender, add water, stir well and mix well 3, filter out the peanut juice for later use, peanuts渣After rewind blender, add milk, whisk 4 again, and then filtering it again, peanut milk and peanut sauce poured together 5, boil, add sugar can also be a little cool, add honey