Chairman Fang laughed,Hu Yang did not disappoint him。

“old man,I think you are not convinced?At first glance,Although this painting is not finished yet,But it almost looks like a painting by Tang Bohu。The level of imitation,Same as his copying of Su Shi’s calligraphy,Almost all**Into the fire。Look at the speed of his painting,It’s exactly the same as Tang Yin in the legend,It’s also the state of confidence。”Chairman Fang has no pressure on Populus。
Only ten or twenty minutes,Hu Yang painted the picture completely。
Let’s compare the picture found on the Internet,Exactly the same,Everyone is stunned,Including 柰子。In her eyes,This chinese man,He is a treasure man!It made her little heart pound。
“What you call casual?”Xu Hongkang rolled his eyes。
Hu Yang smiled:“this painting,I often watch,So those details,Also engraved in my heart,It’s faster to draw。My level,Can only draw to this level。”
Listen to Hu Yang’s tone,Seems not satisfied yet,A bit regretful,No one else knows how to scold him。
Your sister’s!This is already inhumane?Calligraphy of Su Shi,Paintings of Tang Bohu,Brother Hu, you really pick a teacher!
“very good already,Anyway, most people can’t do it。Don’t talk about ordinary people,Is an artist who has studied painting for more than ten years,Shouldn’t be able to do it?”Xu Hong said。
however,He still underestimated。
In the eyes of truly professional people,Let alone those who have studied painting for more than ten years,Is a famous ink painting painter who has been famous for a long time,I can’t draw this kind of painting。
It looks like it is not difficult,Really hard,Is to draw that kind of mood。
Chinese painting,The most particular thing is artistic conception,Value“God”The presence。And this painting of Populus,There is Tang Bohu’s original work**The essence of success,Fascinated**Minute。Can copy to this extent,There are definitely not many people in China。
This painting was made when the artist was disappointed,But emotional expression has reached a very saturated state。On the one hand, I use paintings to express my expectations for a better life in the paintings,By means of。On the other hand, it reveals dissatisfaction with the state of real life。
To incorporate this emotion into the painting,That’s too sophisticated for the artist’s skills,It’s also the hardest thing to copy,But Hu Yang still expressed it。
Hu Yang puts on his signature,Joking:“Another day,I also get my own seal,I can’t mix anymore,Just sell paintings for a living,I should be able to mix and eat。”