“let me introduce,He is Yamamoto,Jiege you mentioned,Neon police officer appearing on the plane is him。”

Mi Gaozhi grasped Liao Jie’s hand,Worship is like a fan,Hands also hold very tight,I am afraid that I don’t pay attention.,Liao Jie ran。
Like Zhou Xingxing,He wants to ask some questions about the lottery number of lottery tickets.。
“A high,I know that he is Yamoto,Besides,What is your eyes?。”
“You know his name,You can last, you are not right,You must know,Predicted,right?”Mi Gao worshiped。
“That is not,Just watching TV,There are reports above。”
“Mi high,Don’t play treasure,Just right,Don’t forget Ajie once said.,You will die from the height。”
Wu Luo shook his head,Mi Gao people are very good,Optimistic,But sometimes it’s too bad.,Not far from Liao Jie。
“Jiege,What are I am afraid?。”
“Mr. Liao,Hello,Mingshan。”Shanbido has a wide-time courtesy,The gesture is very low。
“Yamamoto police officials are really good。”
“you flatter me,Because of the work of the work,I am in Hong Kong Island a year.,My wife is also。”
Airplane,Yamamoto and Wu Luozhen、Mi Gao meets,The two said a pile of chaos,Because it is too bad,He has no letter。
Cautious consideration,He is willing to cooperate with two people,After all, the plane crash has occurred.,Can occur,The consequences could be disastrous。
Later,Wu Luo took the initiative to find two police officers of extradition prisoners,Set ambush,Pulling the murder to hijacking the trumpet,There is a shock and no insurance。
Search a pistol from the murderer,Especially when the thunder is,Yamamoto’s instant cold sweat is soaked。
Fortunately, I didn’t refuse at the time.。
Then,I learned that Wu Luozhen and Mi Gao’s intelligence,All from Liao Jie in advance,Shandata can’t sit down。
Presented in more than a plane,Also mentioned his wife children,The murderer of the hijacman has the same party,I have cruelly returned his family.。
“News I have seen it.,Falling and I have seen in the future”
Liao Jie shook his head,Because he tells in advance,Wu Luozhen three people with two police officers responsible for extradition,A total of five people layout,The hijacked unlucky egg is standing up,Haven’t come to pull the gun,Just hit the mountains from behind。
“The prisoner of extradition is not dead,The hijacking egg is not dead,Your future has a deflection here.,What will happen?,I can’t see it.。”
“Mr. Liao,Please be sure to help。”Yamamoto is wide。
“I can only tell you what I see before.,specific situation,You think about it yourself。”
Liao Jie said:“The person who hijacked also has the same party,A part of the brothers”
Not the surface of the knife behind the knife,Instead, vowed the true brothers who died on the same day of the same year.,Because two of the plane dead,In addition, two of the three people were killed.。
Now people are fine,Whether they have retalled it, I really don’t say it.。
“correct,Yamamoto police officer,Where is your wife??”
“At the consulate。”
The mountains are so popular:“I have already set a ticket for noon tomorrow.,When I arrived, I went straight to the airport.。”
Liao Jie nodded,Preparation work is well,only
“Why not buy today’s ticket?”