Su Wei pushed the door。

“Miss,Working with Xu’s cooperation has been well,But Hao has come over,I have always wanted to work with Miss.,Is it young in our real estate conference room??”
“here we go again。”
Blue Xin is quite helpless to look at Su.。
“觅,You let him go,Just say that I will not cooperate with him.。”
Don’t talk about cooperation,She now I don’t want to see Hao Peng now.。
Su Wei is also very helpless,“Miss,I have already said that he is very clear.,But he is still unwilling to go,Say you can’t wait for you,He will not leave。”
Blue Xin:“”Her brain hose hurts。
Why can’t you spend a day?。
Lu Haocheng can’t hold a wedding thing,Always worry,Look at it every day〈loyalty〉daze,She is distressed。
For Lu Haozheng,Give her a wedding,Is a deep love for her。
He is young and generous is already famous.,Standing on the top of the entire industry。
Only in her thing alone,He has been can’t let go。
“Miss,You go see it.,Hao always didn’t see Miss won’t die.。”
Soviet reached the meaning,Laugh and turn away。
Blue Xin saw a time,Get up and go to the guest room。
Su Wei is temporarily getting here,Take a room specialize in a room on the first floor.。
She is sitting in a special elevator,Go straight to the meeting room。
Conference room,Hao Peng and SEC。
Hao Peng wears a purple suit,Color is very positive,Wearing on his body,Special texture,Compared with the previous Confucian,He is a lot of money at this moment.。
“Blue Xin Miss!”
After the Song Harmony finished greeted,Take the initiative to disappear。
Blue Xin is opposite Hao Peng。
Hao Peng’s temporary smiles,She is wearing gray lattice suit skirt,Do one full,“Xinxin,I want to see you.。”
Lan Xin looked at him,Some demon demon,Hate a person,It’s really not pleasing to the eye.。
“Hao Peng,I have given the assistant to you before.,I have no intention to cooperate with your company.。”
“hehe”Hao Peng laughed,The eyes slightly stare with her,Look at her and I have a relationship with myself.,His heart is always sour。
“Xinxin,Do you do so don’t want to work with me??
in this world,I will deceive anyone,But will not deceive you。”
“I am very grateful for this point.。
you are right,I don’t want to cooperate with you any project.。”
Lan Xin thought,I finished,Try to decrease。
“Xinxin,We have known many years.,I am character, you know。”
Hao Peng does not die,He throws olive branches,Just want to meet with her。
That’s afraid of the heart as a mirror,This love is,It is also unwilling。
Blue Xin is faint to look at him,Think of the cooperation between him and Lith,Mood is even more uncomfortable。