[Authentic practice of shredded pork]_Recommended diet

[Authentic practice of shredded pork]_Recommended diet

Meat strips are very good for snacks. You can usually use meat strips to visit Jiuzhou. In fact, some people will encounter stewed chicken soup broth by the side of everyone. As a result, these soups are finished and the meat is not eaten yet.You can roast these meats into floss or meat strips, which will not cause waste, and tearing the meat strips by hand is a very good choice for some people. Many people also like to eat such a meat strip.Yes, what is the specific method of tearing pork strips by hand?

Tear the pork strips by hand, wash the pork, cut into large pieces, then add marinated ginger and cook for 20 to 40 minutes. Cook until the chopsticks are ready to put the meat in the pot. Then cook the pork.Remove the meat, soak it in cold water, and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Zhang Liang ‘s pork is torn into pieces, put some fat in the pot, add your favorite spices, soy sauce and other stir-fry.It ‘s spicy, with chili powder, chili sauce, and fresh spicy powder. You can put whatever flavor you like. If anyone likes curry flavor, put some curry.

After the sautéed sauce, put these meat strips in it, stir fry for a while, then add the sauce, stir fry evenly and put it on the plate, then tightly put these fried meat strips in the ovenRoasting in the middle, tasting several times in the middle, roasting to your favorite hardness can come out sealed and stored.

The method of tearing pork strips by hand is very simple. Anyone in life must recognize such a pork strip, and understand more about such pork strips in life. In fact, many of them have an impact on us.You can understand how to make gourmet foods. We also need to know more about such a hand-pulled pork strip around us.

Hand tearing pork strips is a very good choice. In life we can make some delicious foods by our own understanding, and hand tearing pork strips is a good choice. In life, people must understand such a hand more seriously.Tear pork sticks and so on.