Zhang Shaohan returned from the current, the new album ?》 Not back to top level

Zhang Shaohan returned from the current, the new album “?》 Not back to top level
On December 18, Zhang Shaohan released a new album “?”.Compared with the first three albums of the 2010s, this “?”The performances in production and singing have all been visually improved, which may also mark Zhang Shaohan’s formal resurgence from some of the messy experience imposed on her by fate.Zhang Shaohan’s new album cover, see the watermark for the source.The name Zhang Shaohan has become one of the pronouns of “passing singer” for a long period of time. Her career in the birth mother’s trauma and framing has almost been utterly ruined, and a few years ago, the onlookers seemed to be happySee this picture of the star that once shined for a while.In 2012 and 2014, Zhang Shaohan successively released two albums “Tangible Wings” and “Zhang Shaohan Angela Zhang”, trying to recreate the concept of the corresponding song of his classic “Invisible Wings” and the concept of “along with the same name”Start your own singing career.However, these two albums received truly top song works again, and from the perspective of the audience, this too obvious “fried rice” is not pleasing, even when “Tangible Wings” is released, the mocking tone is about to comeSlightly greater than support.Zhang Shaohan’s true return is from 2016’s “Full Fall”. The progress in music is of course the cause-Zhang Shaohan has never ceased to sing in the long trough period.When she was young and clear, she added more tips to her high-pitched and recognizable voice, and was able to express more delicate emotions.But in addition to music, more importantly, her unyielding attempts and waiting finally ushered in the reversal of the trend of public opinion.Cover of “Full Fall”.As more details of the tear between Zhang Shaohan and her mother were gradually repeated, her victims in this episode that caused her to suddenly fall from the peak disappeared again, and one had to be a girl since she fell into the family.Inspiring girls who took the responsibility of the family and entered the entertainment industry struggled in front of more people.The disagreement between her and Fan Weiqi, from the intimate classics with her sisters and sisters during “If Something”, to the “zero interaction on the same stage” that people have been talking about for many years, including at the fashion Bazaar Charity EveningStanding in position C . A large number of topics paved the way for Zhang Shaohan to return to the public’s vision.After 2016, Zhang Shaohan returned to the previous magnitude in an amazing step by step through programs such as “I Want to Sing with You”, “Masked Singing General” and “Singer”.The famous Nirvana firebird reborn.However, although topicality can indeed pave the way for a singer, this path cannot be paved forever.After the fresh momentum of human reversal passed, what supported Zhang Shaohan to move forward was her own tenacity.In the “Singer” program that has not been reduced by heat, she has shown her singing skills more evolved than 10 years ago. In addition to her famous masterpieces, she also has a brand-new life of “Leo Diao” by Zhao Lei.In addition, she also showed her hosting skills as a versatile artist. Although there is a little “great”, she still has a good sense of humor.The long-lasting business ability is the real reason why she can rise again.Under the appearance of “topic storm eye”, it is a 100% qualified artist and superb singer.Sing “A Diao” on the show.When he was young, Zhang Shaohan climbed from the trough of the family to the front line of Chinese music at that time.She was never a talented player. She started to participate in singing competitions at the age of 15. After more than 20 failures, she polished a piece of Yu Sheng’s “Days Without Smoking” to be very skilled, and was only recognized at the age of 19.This unyielding and enduring endeavor did not bring her the glory 10 years ago, but also made her overcome another trough 10 years later.Speaking of this latest “?””This is the first record of Zhang Shaohan’s collaboration with Xinxing Music Brand” Heart Culture “. It should be said that this is a wise choice.Several traditional Hong Kong and Taiwan record companies, this one has successfully operated popular female singers such as Xie Chunhua, Meng Huiyuan and Chen Yihan, who are more familiar with the rules of the music market in the new era.In the case of a price of 15 yuan per piece, all tracks 999+ comments were achieved within one day.In the works, they also found Liu Huyi and former M who had written “Before Slow” and other masterpieces for Zhang Shaohan.I.Zhao Yongxin of C Boys and many other pretty good producers.In the lyrics of the song, some intentional and unintentional echoes with the revenge and enmity surrounding Zhang Shaohan.The singer’s singing skills are also more mature, and the unreasonable conversion of her true and false voice in her uniform has been fully resolved in this album.It can be said”?”This album is just like Zhang Shaohan himself, and he has not even returned to the top level, but he has the core strength in the topical package.In the entertainment industry, returning and counterattacks have never been easy.Pedestrians have always been happy to see a good show where an artist falls from a tall building to a collapsed building.And on this thorny road, Zhang Shaohan broke back on the strength of his excellent business standards and his full figure.This return from the current may be a little harder than becoming famous.□ You Zuo (music critic), editor of sauna night net Wu Longzhen, proofreading Li Xiangling

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