Standing in the poplar forest of Runyu City,This warm winter did not destroy the forest scenery in the city,Still green。

Yang Shulin is right by the city,Many deserted fruit forests are also here,At a glance, you can see many small wooden houses scattered in the woods,It’s a pity that they are covered with moss。
Before,There should be many tree farmers here、The fruit grower lives,On the way,There is also a fruit town,Also dilapidated,Uninhabited。
“Star painting,There is a big stele。”Nan Lingsha pointed to Linbian Road。
“Go see。”
The three of them walked to the big stele almost hidden by the lush vines,There are weeds around the stele,Grow taller than people,And the stele is covered with vine plants,Like a strange tree wrapped,Standing among the numerous trees。
“Whirring whirring~~~~~~~~~”
suddenly,A chill comes,Like blowing from a distant forest,Mixed with a dark and decadent smell。
I wish Minglang go forward,Pushed away the vines in front of you,It was quickly determined that this special cold breath came from this waste stone monument!
Space rift!
This stele is where the crack is!!
It turns out that the other entrance of the ancient ruins is really in Runyu City,I wish Minglang turned my head with joy,Tao:“It’s here。”
Li Xinghua gently pressed his hand on the stone tablet,In fact, her palm did not touch the stone tablet,But there was a strange ripple between the monument and her palm,The lake of extreme tranquility,Reflecting a perfect view,But the ripples blown by the wind,Distinguish the truth from the reflection。
Behind the stele,There is another world。
Ordinary people can’t see,Can’t touch it,Even go straight forward,I can’t completely open this cracked door。
“Go in and see。”Li Xing’s painted face is a bit bright and cheerful,She is old and unknown,Has a special vision。