Xia Jian stood quietly behind her,Watching this young and beautiful female mayor work。He never expected,Qin Xiaomin who grew up in such a family,Can cook and work?

Just when Xia Jian was standing in the kitchen thinking about it,Li Lan suddenly opened the door of her bedroom and shouted:“Xiaoxia!Come to my bedroom,Auntie has something to tell you”
Xia Jian responded,Rushed over。He was thinking that Li Lan called him might be her physical problem again。
“Aunt!Is your body uncomfortable again??”Xia Jian asked softly。
Li Lan smiled at Xia Jian and said:“You close the door first,Auntie wants to talk to you about private matters”Xia Jianyi listen,I quickly closed the door。
Li Lan motioned to Xia Jian to sit down,She asked softly:“Xiaoxia!Are you dating our Xiaomin??”
Li Lan’s question is very direct,And it’s daring。She is an out-and-out strong woman,So I’m very open to love affairs。
Xia Jian who is not prepared at all,I was caught off guard by this question。If he said there was nothing like this between them!I feel unclear,If you say yes!The two of us have regular contact,But about this matter,None of them mentioned。
Xia Jian’s little heart thumped and thumped,He really doesn’t know how to answer Li Lan’s question。Xia Jian hesitated,When I don’t know how to answer。
Li Lan sighed and said:“Xiaoxia!I’m just such a daughter。You should know something about my family。When Xiao Min was very young,I divorced her dad,Min sentenced me,So she has almost nothing to do with her dad。So the life path I planned for Xiao Min is to be in politics for a lifetime”
“From her age、And in terms of work ability,There shouldn’t be any problems with Xiaomin taking the path of Shitu。Now exercise at the grassroots level,I will definitely return to work in the provincial capital in the future,You two are going together,Not impossible,But this road will be very hard”
Li Lan said very tactfully,Xia Jian is not someone who doesn’t understand。Li Lan said this,Just let him die this heart,It’s just that they saved him a face,No direct explanation。
Everything is for this sake,If Xia Jian doesn’t speak, he will seem too useless。He laughed and said:“Aunt!You may have misunderstood us。My relationship with Xiaomin is a colleague and friend relationship,Nothing more,There is no love between us”