Analysis of the "four confidence" cultural origins (new book review)

  General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed: "Promote Chinese characteristics, to explain the historical tradition of each country and the nation, cultural accumulation, basic national conditions, the development path must have its own characteristics; The spirit of the spirit is the rich nourishment of the Chinese nation, and the development and growth of the Chinese nation; how to explain the outstanding advantages of China’s outstanding traditional culture is our most profound cultural soft strength; Reflecting the willingness of the Chinese people, adapting to the development of China and the times, has a deep historical origin and extensive real foundation. "This" four clear "proposes with significant realistic significance and academic value, guiding us profound understanding of socialism with Chinese characteristics Constantly firmly firmly firmly follow the important follows of "four confidence". The book, the "four" clear "" (publishing a publishing house publishing), and the perspective of history and reality, theoretical and practice, and the perspective of history and reality, theory and practice. The important meaning, main content and basic requirements of "clear".

The book is simple and easy to understand. For the guiding the majority of cadres and the masses to learn to implement the important discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the "Four Recommendations", learn to understand the outstanding traditional culture and Marxism, Chinese characteristics, socialism, socialist core values Relationship, deeply understand the socialist road, theory, system, culture, and more consciously firmly firmly firmly strengthen the "four confidence", condense the comprehensive construction of socialist modernization countries, and achieve the magnificent power of the Chinese nation’s great revival, with certain Theoretical Value and Practical Significance.

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