Nourishing the liver can also improve irregular menstruation

Nourishing the liver can also improve irregular menstruation

Irregular menstruation is a common problem for women. When we have this problem, we must find the cause from multiple parts of the body.

Do not think that only the problems of the uterus and ovaries will cause a woman’s first menstrual period. If the liver is not good, it will affect our monthly affairs.

Therefore, if you want to adjust your menstruation, you must start with nourishing the liver.

Let’s take a look together, there is a good way to nourish the liver.

  If the liver qi is not good, the whole body’s qi and blood operation will be distorted, high blood pressure, digestive disorders and other diseases will appear, and women will have symptoms of irregular menstruation.

Therefore, the computer family’s health must start from the “liver”.

  First of all, we should pay attention to diet and nourish, eat more chives and other foods to warm the yang.

Eating chives often can strengthen the spleen and stomach of the human body.

  In addition, green onions and garlic are also good for liver and yang.

Jujube is flat and sweet, nourish the liver and strengthen the spleen. Eat at least some buckwheat, amaranth, spinach, celery, chrysanthemum, lettuce, eggplant, horseshoe, cucumber, mushroom, etc. These foods are cool and sweet, and can moisturizeHead.

  Taking tonics such as Tremella at the right time can moisturize the lungs and promote liver health.

At the same time, eat less sour, eat more sweet food to nourish the liver and spleen, which will greatly replace disease prevention and health care.

Now introduce two kinds of nourishing liver porridge, the computer family may wish to try.

  Wolfberry porridge: 30 grams of wolfberry and 60 grams of rice.

Cook the rice into half-cooked rice, add wolfberry, and cook until ready to eat.

  This porridge is suitable for those who often have dizziness, tinnitus, spermatorrhea, waist and knee weakness and so on.

Patients with hepatitis take wolfberry porridge, which has the good effect of protecting the liver and protecting liver and promoting liver cell regeneration.

  Pork liver and mung bean porridge: 100 grams of fresh pork liver, 60 grams of mung beans, 100 grams of rice, salt, and MSG.

Wash and cook the mung beans and rice first, then boil over high heat and cook slowly over low heat. After eight hours of maturity, cook the sliced or stripped pork liver in the pot and cook again.Product.
  This porridge is nourishing liver and nourishing blood, clearing heat and eyesight, beauty and emollient, and can make people look radiant. It is especially suitable for those who are weak and have pale yellow eyes, vision loss and blurred vision.

  Experts point out that the general principle of a diet for nourishing and protecting the liver is: comprehensive nutrition, reasonable mix, and prevention of partial eclipse.

Patients with liver disease should ingest sufficient vitamins, trace amounts, glucose, and protein daily.

Three meals a day should be properly matched, vegetarian dishes should be avoided, avoid spicy foods such as spicy food, and avoid developing a bad habit of partial eating.

Drink a glass of milk every day, eat an egg, two to three two lean meats (pigs, cows, sheep, chicken, fish, etc.), a piece of tofu, two vegetables a day (lentils, spinach, rape, celery, cucumber, shiitake,Fungus, etc. optional) Swap and match, eat two fruits (Apple, Pear, Peach, Banana, etc.).

Avoid as much as possible the indigestible foods such as spicy hot pot, seafood, fried food, animal offal, etc.