Is the remedy for cough salt-steamed oranges or salt-steamed oranges?

Is the remedy for cough “salt-steamed oranges” or “salt-steamed oranges”?

“Xiao Han”, which has just entered the 24 solar terms, also marks that we have begun to enter the coldest day of the year.
As the temperature dropped, some diseases followed.
Colds and coughs are common and frequently-occurring diseases in winter. Recently, the remedies on salted oranges for treating cough have been widely spread on the Internet. Some people call them “salt-steamed oranges for coughs, and all antitussive and anti-inflammatory drugs.”
Is the remedy that can cure cough “salt-steamed oranges” or “salt-steamed oranges”?
How effective is the remedy for cough?
Experts told reporters that both oranges and oranges have a certain auxiliary effect on the treatment of cough, but they can only be used as a recipe.
  “盐蒸橘子”、“盐蒸橙子”仅能当作偏方  对于可以治疗咳嗽的偏方,网上流传的有两个版本,究竟能够治疗咳嗽的是“盐蒸橘子”还是“盐蒸橙子”,对Therefore, Zhang Shunan, a professor of respiratory medicine at the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, said in an interview with this newspaper, “These two prescriptions have some truth, because from the perspective of Chinese medicine, oranges and oranges also have certain medicines.Use value, both have the effect of cough and phlegm, but also the two drugs used to stop cough and phlegm.
“Experts also questioned the role of this recipe.
“In my opinion, the recipe for salted oranges for cough is unreasonable.
Steamed oranges may have a certain effect on colds, but it is not necessary to add salt, because ingestion of salt itself can easily lead to cough, and salt does not have an antitussive effect.
Salted oranges make no sense. Furthermore, the medicine used to treat cough in traditional Chinese medicine is generally free of salt.
Unless it is a kidney cough, which is equivalent to a heart failure cough, which is completely different from the cough of the respiratory system, “Bian Yongjun, director of the department of respiratory medicine at Guang’anmen Hospital, told reporters that there are many types of cough, such as cold, dryness of the lungs, etc.No matter what kind of cough, we can only treat salted oranges as a remedy. It is difficult to say whether it is reasonable or not, and it is not worth promoting.
  Salty-steamed oranges should be used for phlegm dampness. Since “salt-steamed oranges” and “salt-steamed oranges” have certain auxiliary effects on the treatment of cough, is there a difference between the two?
In this regard, Zhang Shunan said that salt-steamed oranges and salt-steamed oranges have a certain adjuvant treatment effect on cough, and citizens should specifically look at the targeted population when choosing.
Oranges are warmer, while oranges are cooler. Therefore, if the patient’s cough is cold and phlegm damp, the method of steaming oranges with salt can be used. If the wet phlegm is hot, the oranges should be salted.
Therefore, although they are all prescriptions for the treatment of cough, they should be combined with personal constitution.
  不能替代药物治疗  张纾难特别指出,无论是盐蒸橘子还是盐蒸橙子,虽然对于治疗咳嗽都有一定的辅助作用,但需要提醒市民的是,这毕竟是偏方,我们很难说这个偏方就能够Cough is treated, and it is not feasible.
This remedy alone cannot treat cough, it can only be used as an auxiliary means or dietetic method for treating cough, and the premise should also be the symptom mentioned earlier, which varies from person to person.
  Zhang Shunan reminded that these two methods can not be used as the first method and main medicine for the treatment of cough, because the two prescriptions are not strong, and the public should have a cough and should go to the hospital first.