[Contraindications for patients with shingles]_ suffer from shingles _ how to eat _ diet therapy

[Contraindications for patients with shingles]_ suffer from shingles _ how to eat _ diet therapy

People with shingles, in addition to paying attention to correct and active treatment, should also pay attention to understanding the dietary taboos in life. They cannot eat spicy and irritating foods, especially ginger, pepper and tobacco and alcohol. These must be avoided.contact.

1. Avoid spicy and warm food wine, tobacco, ginger, pepper, mutton, beef and fried foods and other spicy and warm products, which will help the fire and heat after eating.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the disease is caused by skin contamination caused by hot, humid and toxic substances, so patients with this disease should avoid eating the spicy food mentioned above.

2. Be cautious in eating fatty and fatty products such as fatty meat, sugar, milk, and sweetness. Most of them are fatty and choked, which can easily make the disease’s hot, humid, and poisonous contents unreachable, and the disease will never heal.

3, eat the sour astringent products with caution Astringent astringent products are peas, coriander, pomegranate, taro, spinach and so on.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this disease is mostly caused by poor mood, liver qi stagnation, prolonged stagnation and dispel of fire, and complex sensation of poison and evil. Therefore, treatment should be mainly based on qi and promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

The sour and astringent products can easily make qi and blood inaccessible, keep away from evil poison, and aggravate pain.

4, to keep the skin clothing clean, it is better to wear cotton underwear.

For the blisters that appear, do not pick them. If there are too many blisters, you can use a disinfection syringe to remove the herpes fluid, but the blisters should not be removed to prevent secondary infection.

A giant herpes is broken. When it leaks water, it should be washed in time to change underwear. The diet should be light and eat easily digestible food.

When first-class neuralgia is treated in time, it is best to use traditional Chinese medicine.