“I don’t know what it is”Xia Jian jumped out of bed as he said,I took the gift box that Tong Jie returned from the table just now,I just read a few sentences in English。

Just listen to Wang Lin on the phone and laughed:“Stop reading,Open the box and see what’s in it?”
Wang Lin said this,Xia Jian was also surprised。The box has been opened by Tong Jie,So he opened the box with one hand。When Xia Jian saw the gift box,Could not help but scream,I can’t close my mouth for a long time。He kept talking:“How could it be this thing?Real hell”
“What is it?Tell me!”Wang Lin on the phone asked anxiously。
Xia Jian lowered his voice and said:“It is an adult product,It’s a man’s stuff”Xia Jian was surprised and embarrassed to see the gift box。No wonder Tong Jie will return him,I don’t know if Niu Li took the same thing。
Wang Lin on the phone couldn’t help but burst into laughter,She smiled and said:“May be confused,We didn’t even buy this thing,But nothing,It’s also a good thing to give to single women!”
“nonsense!Do you think it is from the United States?!This is really a shame,You said let me explain to her,People are not married yet”Xia Jian said helplessly。
Wang Lin smiled and said:“You go and apologize to others now,Because I bought too many things,The salesperson got confused when loading the goods,I believe she can understand”
What Wang Lin said,Xia Jianma jumped out of bed,While wearing shoes,While talking:“All right!I will apologize to others now,Otherwise it’s late,I really can’t explain this”
Wang Lin is calling from overseas,But Xia Jian still hung up,He thinks it is more important to apologize to Tong Jie,He can still make this call,But this matter is not clear,What kind of person will he become in Tong Jie’s mind。The point is that he can no longer arrange her work in the future。
Only one street light is on in the town government compound,Looks a little dim。Tong Jie lives in the cadre’s single dormitory in the backyard,Xia Jian’s past tense,The light is still on in her room,This means she hasn’t slept at all。
When Xia Jiangang raised his hand and was about to knock on the door,Tong Jie’s door opened at this moment,I saw Tong Jie holding a basin and was about to splash water。Fortunately, Xia Jian responded quickly,On one side he entered Tong Jie’s house。
Tong Jie poured the water in the basin outside,Only then turned around。She asked coldly:“What are you doing?I have to talk about work and wait until I go to work tomorrow”