Gao Yong impatient swing,Let Liu Tao quickly disappeared in front of himself!

Waiting for Liu Tao,He only looked at the paper on the table.,The finalization is deep sigh。
“You are Zhou Gong,Still Wang Hao?”
“Leader,Where are we going now?,Want to go to God-winning big camp tomorrow。”
Day is already black,But it is not too late.,Bamboo pole whispered。
Well,After all, Gao Baoyi is“Home outside home”Successful man,Which home is in this time,Needless to ask。
“Go to the North City。”
Gao Baoyi said something tired,I started to blasphemy。
I know you will like this.!
Bamboo pole heart dark belly,Which woman is a master of Gao Baoyi,He is a clear。
Woman,Only when the poor child has not yet happened to follow him,Will stay in your heart in your heart,This is the same as the reason that the wife is not in the hall.。
“bamboo,Are you tired??”
Yak is slowly shaking,The Gao Biyi, who fake in the car, suddenly asked a sentence.。
“Leader,Don’t be too easy to live too much.。Just follow the main public,Don’t marry your wife,What is troubled??
Lord’http://www.dingchengsm.cns achievement,I am mixed with rice.,Mainland,I have a maximum of death.。”
The truth is such a truth,But what always makes people think he meal??
“Stop,When I didn’t ask?。”
Today’s things,Gao Boyi feels that his mental age is old.!
From the spirit of the spirit, he is constantly being put in the spirit.,This guy is a giant,Standard male nature exposed。
Gao Yang is just letting you have a good time.,Did not say that you want to die.?
Gao Baoyi spelled his life today,There are a lot of non-probular secrets,For example,After retaliating the hatred of his high filing!
That time, or just standing out to protect yourself.,I am afraid that there is no later thing.。
certainly,These things that Gao Baoyi cannot say to others.,It is more impossible to talk to Yuan Zhonghua.。
So Yuan Zhonghua scared him,I haven’http://www.wfshicheng.cnt embarrassed him.。
When I just came to this world,Is Gao Biyi now??
In fact, it is not,At that time, he was still a bit.。
However, cruel reality education,Tell him。People must be smart enough,Be a strong,Flexible,Unshrouted,Can you eat,Mix well。
Women’s benevolence,Will only harm others。
Deceive,Strike,an eye for an eye,Finish,One person has a Taoist creature boiling day,It is also the rules of the times,You can only adapt,immutable。
“Once you have dirty,How to wash is also washing it is clean.。”
Gao Bo Yi felt a sentence,Let the bamboo pole feel that he is very confident。
Yak arrived in front of Gaoguo,Open door,Li Zhiling looked at him,The jacking in the eyes can’t cover up。
Someone is really good.!
“go,Go in and then say,I want to bathe。”
Gao Biyi gently held Li Shi Tan’s hand,Take her to the government。