One hundred years old Chinese medicine health regime

One hundred years old Chinese medicine health regime

101-year-old Chinese medicine doctor Jiang Tong, although he is over 100 years old, his body is still very healthy. Although Jiang Tong is small and thin, his body is healthy and radiant. What is even more rare is that his waist is straight and his pace is not slow.And without the need to hold a cane or rely on others to help, although the age of 101 years old, but not in the old state.

  He has eyes and eyes, and there are no common problems with high blood pressure, diabetes, prostatitis, constipation and so on.

  He recovered from a 25-year-old doctor to 74 years, but he is not old at all, his spirit is good, his waist is straight, and it seems that he is only in his 70s.

What are the health tips?

Jiang Tongxiao said that his family’s longevity should be hereditary.

However, from his diet, there is really a set of old TCM health.

  Every day, he is going to go to bed early and get up early, get up at 6 in the morning, fall asleep at 8:30 to 9:00 in the evening, and feel the dawn, do some breathing in the bed and get up again; usually in addition to seeing a doctor, is to write a book, currentlyThe book has reached 60 books.

  The diet is light, and he eats less when he grows up. He occasionally has a meal or dinner with friends and relatives. It only means eating a little. This avoids eating too much oil, salt and sugar, reducing the burden on the body, and taking in processed food.Also greatly reduced.

  He also eats lightly. His theory is that the diet of light and light is not only good for health, but also more suitable for the public. He does not drink heavy-duty medicinal herbs such as Shiquandabu soup, or even stewed light chicken soup, and the whole family drinks together., make up together.

  6 cups of chocolate milk a day in the United States for more than 10 years, he developed the habit of adding milk and cocoa powder into chocolate milk, and still drink six cups a day, perhaps because of a cup of milk, long-term intakeExcessive calcium, so the bones are strong, still so far, and there is no hunchback implant.

  The protein intake is mainly fish. The meat of the yellow croaker, squid and squid is soft and sweet. It is the fish that he eats most often. He usually eats half a fish at a meal. The fruit is rich in water and nutritious tomatoes, papaya.The most suitable for his appetite, the overall diet is balanced, a small amount of meals.

  Drinking green tea every day, for decades, he likes to drink strong tea. When he was young, he developed a habit. Every morning, he must make a cup of Longjing green tea, which will kick off the busy day. It is still possible.

However, he also said that because of the increase in age, the diet is less oily on weekdays, so it is now customary to soak the tea a little to avoid stomach pain.

  Green tea has anti-oxidation, anti-bacterial, cosmetic and slimming effects. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, it can diuresis, phlegm, detoxification, clearing heat, calming the nerves and eliminating fatigue. It is the health care product of modern people.

  Reading the card to activate the brain to maintain the spirit of seeking knowledge at any time is his vitality.

His memory is amazing.

There is a pile of books and newspapers piled up on the desk, which seems to be messy, but there is a certain logic. When we check whether there is relevant information, Mr. Jiang has actually turned around and pulled out the correct data in the rear data pile.The file is amazing.

  In my spare time, when I am on a Thursday, when I am on a doctor’s day, I will read and write at home in the morning. I will play cards with my friends in the afternoon. It can be both entertaining and revitalizing. Perhaps this is also a super good trick for Jiang Tong’s memory!

  I have a good mood and sleep well. “My personality doesn’t like to care about things. I don’t remember to hang for too long. It’s easy to fall asleep.

“He smiled and said, “This may be the wisdom I have learned in the past century.

“No matter how it is calculated, it is more temperate. He thinks that he is not very happy and sad, and he will not be adversely affected by emotional ups and downs.