It turned out that these 8 signals of premature body aging!

do you have?

It turned out that these 8 signals of premature body aging!
do you have?

Speaking of aging is a word that builders resist, and everyone wants to have a look that is not old.

However, the reality is that the body does not lie!

In fact, after years of graceful aging, life is also a different landscape, but I am afraid that some people are too anxious, and premature aging is very embarrassing.

  Therefore, when the body has these premature aging phenomena, we must pay attention to them.

  1. Thinning hair Every time I wash my hair, I drop it in the bathroom, I lose my hair everywhere. When I comb my hair in the morning, I feel that the hair is obviously thin. We must be alert to the phenomenon of premature aging.

  Of course, some people with very little hair are not excluded. The thinning here is compared with the previous one. If there is a significant reduction in hair volume, there is a problem.

  Under normal circumstances, people will lose about 100 hairs every day. If it exceeds this part, it is not normal.

  2. It is not wrong to wake up early and go to bed early, but wake up early, and after a while, start to fall back to sleep again and feel sleepy and open your eyes, indicating that the function of the body functions imbalanced and begins to appear tired.

  Normal early awakening is a good state of mind after being awake, can continue to work, and is full of burning.

  3. People who get fatter are more likely to get fatter and gain weight after they are 30 years old, even if their lifestyle and diet are the same as before.

  As you get older, your body’s metabolic rate becomes lower. If you don’t increase your activity at this time, it is easy to cause weight gain.

  Therefore, proper weight loss is not a manifestation of beauty, but also a positive way of coping with premature aging.

  4. Decreased sexual desire Proper sexual life between husband and wife is conducive to the harmonious development of husband and wife relationship, but some couples begin to lose sexual desire after two or three years of marriage, it is necessary to consider physical factors.

  Well, male sexual desire peaks after puberty and begins to weaken from the age of 30-40.

Women’s orgasm peaks at the age of 30-40 and declines after menopause.

  Some men do reduce their sexual life after 30, but if there is too little or no sexual life, it is likely to be one of the signs of premature aging, which should attract the attention of both spouses.

  5. Chronic disease occurs early in grades with mildly high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and other “senile diseases”. You must know to follow the development of normal physical functions. These diseases will only occur at about 50 years old.These problems begin to appear at the age, indicating that you are really starting to set foot in the elderly.

  If these diseases are not hereditary, you have to reflect on your own living habits, whether you often stay up late, whether your diet is too greasy and heavy, and often not exercise.

.  6, the eyes are yellow “People are old yellow” is not a nonsense, whether the eyes are bright is also one of the signs of judging whether a person has premature aging.

This is why children’s eyes are always bright, but adults’ eyes are cloudy.

  7, often forgetful people are not old, but memory is diminished, often things to find somewhere.

What happened a while ago was not impressed.

This is also a manifestation of the brain’s decreased ability to respond and the body to age.

  8, easy leg pain, people are not old, old legs first!

Our daily work involves the waist and legs the most. Once there is a problem in these parts, it means that the body has the cost of aging.

  If you walk for less than half an hour, you will have back pain and leg pain. You will not be able to do heavy physical work, and even the pain relief will be noticed.

  Faced with the onset of various premature aging toxicity, is it suddenly panic?

  How to deal with premature aging?

  Only exercise!