She plans to go abroad,To catch Ye Xingkong。

Talking about Ding Keyu’s business trip,As long as a business owner calls the administrative secretary,If Xie Lisu is on duty in the Administration Department,Then the cooperation list of the other company,Xie Lisu took it,Then he even coaxed and invited Ye Xingkong to attend and participate。
For a time,Many new business alliances,I thought Ye Xingkong was the head of the family,See Ye Xingkong very high。
This laid a hidden danger for Ding Keyu’s prejudice against Ye Xingkong in the future。
“One mountain cannot tolerate two tigers”,When Ye Xingkong gets higher and higher,The more it caused Ding Keyu’s carelessness、Until jealousy。
After Ding Keyu came back from a business trip,Found that Xie Lisu was openly maintaining a close relationship with Ye Xingkong in front of him,This is the most intolerable,Don’t say anything on the surface,I hate my teeth。
Ding Keyu’s opinion on Ye Xingkong is:Good on the surface,Let him not speak,No matter how you are in the business world, there will be no waves, so rest assured。
But I heard other staff of the administrative secretary department called for a few days to talk to Ye Xingkong about cooperation.,Repeat it,Ding Keyu feels that the situation is not as simple as he thought,Worried that Ye Xingkong will take his place soon。
How could Ding Keyu allow this kind of superior things to happen??He only allowed Ye Xingkong a little“Show off”Small status,But it’s by no means that Ye Xingkong has a chance to surpass him,Threatened his position。
If there is something special in the future,He Ding Keyu will not let it go,But we must control this almost out of control state to the budding state,Let him do the work wholeheartedly in the data room。
He has new worries:Worried that Ye Xingkong would climb to his head,Threaten one’s position,He can’t tolerate this。
Show hello to Chen Limu again and again,I believe in some aspects,Chen Limu will have a hint for Ye Xingkong’s position。
The top priority now,I chased Xie Lisu, the lover of my dreams,So he needs Chen Limu’s support。And now,Xie Lisu did nothing special to him Ding Keyu in the administrative secretary department。
in contrast,The line of sight is always inseparable from the data room where Ye Xingkong is。
For Ding Keyu,Every time I see Xie Lisu’s hospitality to Ye Xingkong for no reason, other people’s hearts are like a needle。
He thinks it’s time for action。