Only occasionally encounter tigers、Black bear,Chen Xiu still feels normal,Now different kinds of birds and beasts are coming around,Obviously very abnormal。

Normal time,I’m afraid they will fight between these beasts!
“Which expert is it,Please come out and see!”
Chen Xiu shouted to the master in the woods,He thinks these birds and beasts are being commanded。
My voice echoes in the establishment,No one answered。
But his loud voice surprised the beasts,The crow on the branch attacked him first。
More than twenty crows swooped in black from behind,Like a black mist。
“Get out!”
Chen Xiu swept away,Strong palm wind,Beat more than 20 crows to the ground,Feathers fall to the ground。
at the same time,The wolves, tigers and leopards around also flew over at the same time。
Chen Xiu fisted and kicked all the beasts that were flying over.,And broke countless trees around,All of a sudden, corpses are everywhere。
“Lying,There are probably quite a few second-level、First-class protected wild animals,If it’s outside,Enough for several years!”
Killing animals can’t let Chen Xiu bring happiness,Look at all kinds of birds and beasts with straight limbs all over the floor,I still feel sick。
“Seeing how they attack me and don’t want someone to command。”
“Are these beasts attacking me spontaneously?”
“I’m so annoying……Do not,Beasty?”
Things happen more often than demon,Chen Xiu didn’t dare to stay any longer,He doesn’t know where he is now,No purpose,Randomly choose a direction,Start light work and rush out。