“You are too greedy。”Anying Jingjing line quickly brushed、Guan Xue and Qianmao,Show a strange smile,“I don’t want to expose it so early.。”

There are two second generation robot dogs opposite Zuo Luohuan.,She is heard that these second-generation robot dogs will be kicked to Anying.,At this time, I suddenly broke out an extremely strongogaPheromones。
It’s hard to say what taste information,Because this information is thousands of people,BealphaEvergading impact,Maybe they have these military schools to do pheromone confrontation training,But no one can resist instinct。This information is influentialalphaThe most desire in my heart,Last known,Even unclearogaPheromones,letalphaLose resistance。
http://www.fqrvtu.cn This information is pairogaAs the same role,Can let them smell their most happyalphaPheromones,However, it will not reach the influence control.alphaHeart god effect。
Yan Yan、Jiang Hong lost its actions in an instant,Even the speed of Zuo Luo is rapidly slowing。
“Snowfall!”Oki’s nose is full of ice and snow,His eyes have a moment,The snow on the right shouts,“Target,Anying!”
Guan Xue isbeta,She is affected by the pheromone in the audience,After listening to the voice,Instantly use the light gun to the scholar。
Anying view is in the first military school to detect information,Already knowing the crunch method of the snow,He immediately covers the people next to himself,At the same time, the thumbs up:“You don’t have to worry about Zuo Luo?I will die in this way.。”
Two generation robot dogs opposite Zuo Luo http://www.longshengxieye.cn Huan,She now attacks the speed of being stopped.,The greens on the neck are tied out,Obviously it is still resistant to the inner depth.,As for the snow, you can only give up shooting,Go to save Yan Yan and Jianghong。
Oki’s only first to help Zuo Luo,At this time, the two people in the military school have been around the side of Qianmao.,Press people to take his energy block,I still want to go to the package of Tu Wusu,At this time, the coming is shot.,Hit the legs of the two。
“withdraw。”Anying Scene。The first military school is still difficult than him.。
Central control room。
All instructor’s eyes are gathered in Anying,Finally, the instructors of the Yundong Military Academy asked the joint military school.:“What is his pixel??”
The instructor has been toned when I control the indoor.,This kind of pheromone is very rare.,Only two people recorded in books,Everyone is the most terribleogaexist,Because this parenther can induce human instinct。These two people are too early,It is not too good for the results of the basis.。
“Although you have a loss of losses,But it is a good thing for our federal.。”Joint military school,“Your first military school is forced to use information.,It is also powerful。but……2Team nowalphaIt is estimated that all of them have lost combat power.。”
NS 38 chapter(Union military school to lose a piece of energy.)
United Military Academy to lose a piece of energy block ending, In exchange for the first military school to solve the earphones robot dog,Also destroy threeAlphaCombat power,How to make this game won an inlax。
Just now,If you can’t help others, He is dealing with the two second generation robotic dogs opposite Zuo Luo。
Jianghong and Yan Yan have not standable, Obviously fall into hallucinations, Full face。
“Ansteli information isAlphaDoes a lieut??”Cut snow turned to see two people, This year, the strength of others is not very visible., So the joint captain is aOgaThe thing does not cause everyone to pay attention.,After all, the captain of the first military school is alsoOga。
Who knows that Ansi view is this parenther?,The joint military school will win for the exercise competition, I am afraid a lot of strength to press these news., I don’t want to get news.。
“team leader, let me help you。”Cut snow solves the second generation robot dog,Immediately want to transfer to the end of the coming。
Oakage is blocked,Cold channel:“Throw them two people。”
Guan Xue,I have to turn to Jiang Hong to the edge of the stream.,Extending a hand dead with his face:“Clear point, Don’t be drowning。”
Qian Mao looked at Ding Wusu lying on the stretcher,I also saw Yan Yan who hit the ground with the head.,Hesitated, Finally, put the gun back, Rush, Dragning the squadron of Yan Yan,Drag the stream。
“I come。”Cut snow and lift the feet of Yan Yan, Throw people into the water with him:“Strict school is too heavy.,Fortunately, people lying on the stretcher are Di Progress。”
“They will not drown?”Qian Mao looked at the two of the water., This Changxi has a shallow place,Some places deep,It is not shallow zone here.。
“Can you still plop?,Didn’t move, I will go down again。”Cut snow is coming over。
Two-generation robot dog’s chip has been done,But the arm of the coming arm is hurt,Zuo Luo is still standing in the same place,Low head,Her self-made power is obviously stronger than http://www.jiuzhouzhenye.cn the two of the river.,Anying view now,ThisOgaThe positivity is gradually dissipating,It is better to be better after a while。