Hear this,Gao Yu asked hesitantly:“Then why do you sigh like this?”

“This thing,I also told you directly,Do you think,Do people really only have to eat, drink and have fun all their lives??I am an orphan,You understand this thing,But you don’t know,I can live to that old,What am i because of。”
Not how tenacious I am,But because of the kind people in the village,Help me a little bit,And they didn’t ask me anything……If you are not upset,Let me tell you some stories……
Qin Feng thought of those warm things before,There is also an indescribable touch in his heart。
People who haven’t experienced,That would think,This matter is trivial。
But when Qin Feng needed warmth most,Some families are not financially rich,Still helped him。
Qin Feng is most impressed by ordinary people,For example, once he had a high fever late at night,At that time Uncle Zhu used the money to buy clothes for his girlfriend to see a doctor。
He also has no money to pay back,That Uncle Zhu’s girlfriend also flew away,Qin Feng always keeps this in mind。
Even though these people have a special face because of their money,He didn’t resent anything。
Friendly things always make people full of power,Even if Qin Feng changed to their position,He may not be able to hold himself。
When these stories are slowly told,Gao Yu said that he didn’t believe it:“impossible,Are these people all fools?To help you with no relatives,Isn’t this to trouble yourself??”
Gao Yu really can’t believe this,If it’s him,How can he do such a thing。
“Yes,Are these people all fools?I also doubt this thing very much。”