“All right,No jokes,We have experienced so many ups and downs,I’ve been through all the winds and waves,You won’t fall here right。”

“When we first met,At that time, we were only at level 6 or 7,Faced with that old guy with level 9 strength, he tried his best to escape,Such a big power gap,Didn’t we survive too??”
“And siege Hamlin,None of us would have thought that Hamlin was so strong,That is you,Break into the sanctuary,We can kill Hamlin。”
“do you know,Koland originally wanted to destroy the Holy See of Light,The teacher stopped,Teacher’s meaning,Is waiting for you to wake up,Revenge yourself!”
“We have overcome so many difficulties,You will be fine,is it?”
Talking。There are tears in Cecilia’s eyes,She worked hard。Didn’t let the tears flow down。
The more you talk, the more you panic。
And in the dry spring of Wright’s soul,A soul that has been like a pool of stagnant water for many years,Seems to shake。Cecilia can’t perceive,Elek, who has been guarding here for several years, has an illusion,Master’s soul,Seems to have grown a bit。
wrong,Not an illusion!
A glimmer of disbelief flashed in Elek’s eyes,She can feel,The master’s soul is recovering at an extremely fast speed,Do not,Is improving!
Elek didn’t dare to disturb Cecilia,I am more afraid that getting closer to Wright will destroy this trend of recovery,Cromwell was notified the first time。
Now this God’s Domain powerhouse,When I heard that my disciple’s soul was recovering,Hurried to this mansion。
And at this time,Wright’s mental power has been raised to the level of a fifth-level magician。
Cecilia next to Wright has also discovered something wrong。With the recovery of mental power,The elements around Wright’s body also quickly disturbed。But she is hard to judge,Is Wright about to wake up or。。。Unstoppable tears。
But Elek and Cromwell, who has already arrived, can fully judge,Wright’s mental power is recovering at a terrifying speed。
Take a closer look,Cromwell turned his head in disbelief to look at Cecilia、Elek and others:“Incredible,Really incredible!Lightland Soul。Now it’s starting to become stronger,Got stronger。Just like a baby grows up。Growing at a speed that I can fully feel!”
When Cromwell arrived,Wright’s soul power is only level five,When they explained the situation to Cecilia,Wright has reached level six。
“Great。Great!”Cecilia Surprised。