Bayannao Municipality: Gathering Red Power Pilot Green Development

"Before recalling, the Yongqing Village road in Baikin Pack is difficult, the village is not good, the crops are free, but the cattle and sheep are scattered, and it is difficult to find an object.

Now Yongqing Village, Tian Chengfang, Lin, the channel is connected, the road is connected, and a small way is good. "A pit, two bricks, three-foot walls, surrounding, nose, scorpion, flies, stinky, the drought history is ended.

Our Xinhua Town Yonghong Village built 160 health toilets, and the people who have a happiness in the people have been continuously enhanced. "Recently, in the first year of the Yinhe District of Bayanni, the secretary of the village organizational secretary is a big competition, and the bright eyes of the village have been successfully" circle powder ".

"Let’s put our strength in the front line, set the examination room at the scene, which not only inspired the passion of the party organization secretary to start a business.

At the same time, in the competition, in the competition, let the party organization take the leaders to achieve ideological collision, deep communication, and make a long-term additional short, unity and struggle in the business entrepreneurship.

Zhang Genshu, deputy minister of the Organization Department of Linhe District, said. The party’s power comes from organizational.

Party organizations at all levels of Bayannre City are traction, leading the organizational work to the overall optimization of the leaders, and grasp the party to promote the village to revitalize, and the branch has organized significantly, and the grassroots party organizations have promoted the overall progress of the grassroots party.

Let the people have bit, and take a responsive. Bayannre City also serves a vast officer platform for them while the Secretary of Sports Organization is also served. In the public recruitment of public institutions, the examination of the inspection of the Cities and Community Party Organizations; comprehensively protect the cost of the village and community work, personnel compensation, and the event site meet or exceed the autonomous region standard; realize the city county country fourth-level party All of the group service centers are all overwritten, and all the regulatory construction requirements are all regulated; the channels of the community are constantly broadcade, and the 747-in-law can be accepted. The retired soldiers entered the "two committees" team in Zhari Village and community.

How to translate the political advantage of the grassroots party organization into the development advantage of getting rich income? Bayannre City took the lead in developing the party organization to become a collective economy as the strategy of solid books, due to local conditions, due to village policy, explore more than 10 kinds of development models such as photovoltaic power generation, forest industrial models.

Into the urat cheap Subluncun Town, Khaon Village, wide and tidy street, horizontally ordered green, and variety of crops are bright.

"In the past, the industry is single, farmers acquire market information lag, agricultural products can not sell good price, now, there is an extra benefit with land stockings, and there are salary income in cooperative socialists. This account is cost-effective!" Village Road East is happy.

The party branch of the Baiqi Mun Village took the lead to lead the head, first try, enrich the variety of agricultural products.

The Party Branch leads cooperatives, and establishing a boutique science and technology demonstration plantation. It is only one year to make the village collective economic income exceed 150,000 yuan, and the per capita pure income is 10,000 yuan. Zheng Jun, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Baiqiun Village: "Through the land transfer, hosted, enter the shares, etc., the cooperative integration of the villagers scattered land resources, and realize the concentrated plants of specialty agricultural products.

Construction of 1200 square meters of specialty agricultural product storage workshop, providing full-service services for cultivating, species, tubing, prevention, and receipt of the villagers. "In the leadership of the party organization, today, 652 people in the city will reach more than 50,000 yuan, of which 434 collective economic income exceeded 100,000 yuan.

Building a grassroots fortress, forging a pioneer, condense the power of the masses, Bayannre City has always put the strengths and intensive points of the party construction work in green development, a realistic pragmat of the Guiden strong base, activated the tip of the organization, Tied up the roots of the ruling roots and gathered together.

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