“Your spiritual level is too high, right?!I can’t stand this anger!”Zhu Xiaoguang exclaimed。

“What are you angry?The most angry person is Liu Taosheng,Let’s find him quickly!”Zhang Bo Le Road。
The roommates are discussing,The dormitory door creaked and was pushed open from outside。
Liu Taosheng is back!He said nothing,I sat on the bed when I entered the door,The degree chart indents the head into the shadow。
“Liu Taosheng!”
“Lao Liu!”Zhu Xiaoguang and Zhang Bo said at the same time。
Everyone take a closer look,Something is wrong!
Liu Taosheng’s clothes are dirty,Neckline wide open
,Two buttons are missing,A look that has been tragically ravaged。
And there are scars on his face,Black eyes,It’s like being punched firmly,The corners of the mouth are also broken,The hot haircut before was pulled messier than the bird’s nest。
“you.Fight with people?”Zhang Bo is the closest to Liu Taosheng,Can’t help but ask。
Liu Taosheng didn’t say anything,Zhu Xiaoguang stood up suddenly。
“It must be Wang Yang’s group!I’ll let him go now!”Zhu Xiaoguang is here,The whole dormitory was shocked。
“Xiaoguang!You calm down!”Zhang Bo got up and stopped。
Liu Taosheng rushed to the door,Block the door firmly with your body,Back to the roommates,Shrugging shoulders。