“Convinced,North Jinyang,Have to prevent。Turkic people,In case, from the north to attack Jinyang,I am very unfavorable to us.。”

“rest assured,I have arranged a high-rise to guard Jinyang.,Have him,Jin Yang can hold。”
Gao Bao said that he didn’t care.。
What is the Light like?,Lower,Argade:“All supervise,It is a bright future.。”
“Go back,Zhou Jun is now nervous,We rash,Unnecessary casualties。slowly,A little bit of reinforcement,Waiting for another snow,Play again。
Told,Today’s platoon。”
The less big things,The more you can’t。The more people above the people are relaxed,Happy emotions will be conducted to the people below。
Two-story earth building,Zheng Minmin finished today“renew”,Things to A Shizuz,Also learned a bit。The fate of this Turkic Princess is also very bumpy.。
Obviously the tools of the wooden rods sweatly,She can’t go to this toolman.。
Gao Bao’s pen is white,I am afraid that people who are rough in the city can read.。It is possible to see the game between the big country.,Strategy of the Lord of the country,Also accompany the heroic short,Childhood。
Don’t say,Look at it is quite happy!
Just what“Sink”title,I have to play.?Zheng Minmin, Best I have to solve,However, this does not hinder her to steal the update every day.。
“Gao Cairo is still very powerful,I don’t know that A Shizuz is seen this book.,What kind of expression will be。”
Zheng Minmin feels that her character,It seems that you can also write a little bit。At least you can’t write more than Gao Baoyi, I don’t know what I am worse.?
NS1316chapter Winter is spring(Finish)
Yusheng City,Goddess and affiliated,Already turned here into one“Large site”。Countless people come and go,A barrier soil that is not Linhe outside Yuxi City,It seems to be used“Clumsy approach”Siege。
“Soil method”And digging authentic“Minus”Same,Both are the way to use the ancient siege。But winter season,The use hole method is obviously inappropriate,Because underground soils are generally moist,Winter will freeze。
on the contrary,Soil,in winter,The dry soil has been piled up and it is not up to work.,Slave with water,It is very sturdy,Hardstone。
Dou Yi is to see what tricks I want to play with Gao Bao.,Therefore, the trip must not act rashly。
A bed shot of Yusheng City,Rough arrow,Directly pushing the auxiliary troops in the earth!
This is the first shot of Zhou Jun,Although it is rational,It is also slightly somewhat unexpected.。
soon,The location of Zhou Jun, who is still unequal, and the position of the moving bed,Three orientation of the city,It will be almost the same size“Ice bucket”I have thrown here。
Ice is very crisp,But very hard,In the blessing of gravity,Powerful ratio is not much。The key is,In the winter season,Such“ammunition”,Almost endless!
How can Zhou Jun can spend the army??
The tribute is that Dou Yi is a fool.,I am unobstructed by the princess of the princess of Fuyang.,Faced with the tightness of Qi Jun,Not resist,Be unreliable!
In fact, where did he know?,When your trends are expected in opponents,do nothing,Is the best choice,At least save strength!
Zhou Jun is caught up,The bed is destroyed,Dead injury,But kill Qi Junyi!The auxiliary military is a temporary call.,Through the training!
This sale is big.!
Yusheng City,Dou Yi’s color of the colored iron is greeted by Qi Jun throwing machine,Blood is everywhere,That wooden bed is already scattered,It seems that it is impossible to use it.。
“Who let you provoke from Qi Jun?”
Dou Yi’s hand has been pressed on the sword holder of the Sword。
“I am making them do this.!”
Dou Yi came back to a rumored voice,I don’t have to see,It may only be a kingdom!
“Today, it is not as small.,Can you waste it??”
The trip is not careless.,He also didn’t expect Qi Jun to react so quickly.,And it’s very accurate!This can’t blame him?
“Qi Jun is a stone bomb that replaces it with ice bucket,The arrow of our military bed is a number.,The armor of the city is also there.,The general of Wang wants to fight with the army.?Gao Biyi is only afraid that he will laugh at night.,If he laughed,The general is a big job.!”