I didn’t expect it now.。

“This is what you deserve。”
Su Zhidao smiled and saw a summer,Immediately,“continue。”
After the end,The figure of the two becomes floating,Then the extremely abrupt break collapse。
One of the instructor drove,“Wang Wei, you can go down.,Others continue。”
http://www.fy12365.cn Talk time,I deeply looked at the summer.。
Not just him,All faculty behind the scene,Looking at the eyes of summer,There are fewer weird。
Anyone else did not know what,Or did not react,How can they not experience the deep meaning?。
If you want to advance the summer directly,The dean does not need to appear,I can give them a secret.。
But the dean showed,And there is also the fire of the monarch。
After the appearance, just say three words,Down to a command。
Then left。
“Dean and fire are very valued by this called Wang Wei.……”This is the idea of all faculty’s hearts.。
They oppose each other,Tenian interlaced room,I read the deep meaning。
……Summer left the ring,Back to the area where the thorn flower is located。
A group of girls surrounded,叽叽 说 说 个。
“Wang Wei,I really didn’t expect you to be http://www.crosh.cn so strong.,I actually realized the true skill.。”
“True skill,This should be able to enter the college.。”
“How often,I think the strength of Wang Wei is present.,At least the first thirty,team leader,What do you think。”
Girls such as Zhuang Wei have seen Hao Lang, which is resurgent.。
He slowly,“Probably can enter the first ten。”
This sentence,Girls are all exclaimed。
Summer also smiled and shook his head,“I am so strong。”
“No need to modest。”
Hao Lang a pair of hooks,Full of evil,Spread means deep long,“If there is no top ten strength,How can the dean and fire? I am from being promoted to you.。”
This……Zhuang Wei and other girls immediately wrong,Some unclear。
Hao Lang also,“If I work with Wei Zheng people,Can defeat them within a fragrant。”
Toned,Supplementary sentence,“But there is a premise,I need a full force。”
Zhuang Wei and others are silent。
Hao Lang in the hundred strong list,Rapet。
“Ha ha,team leader,Don’t say so exaggerated。”
Summer knowing home,“Wei Zheng people just fell lightly,I caught the vulnerability,Don’t say it is me.,It is a small fish to defeat him in a fragrance.。”
What!!This sentence,Not only Zhuang Yi and others are shocked,Even Hao Wa is also surprised。
Sirm whisper in summer,“The teacher of the small fish is the strong。”
Sound is not high,But Hao Ma is waiting for the scene。