Press these four points every day to make you lie down or thin!

Press these four points every day to make you lie down or thin!

Worried every day to lose weight?

Press these acupuncture points to easily slim down and have a summer without flesh!

According to the ear, there are many acupuncture points on the human body, and the ear is one of the most dense points of the limbs. This position of the ear can always be the main stomach, which can improve blood circulation and promote metabolism, thus helping you toGood weight loss.

Method: Hold down with your thumb for 3 minutes, repeat three times, and do it every time you have time.

According to the person who loses weight, you can press the button in the middle of the person. The person is located under the nose. The upper lip groove has a position of two-thirds lower. This position is fatigued. If you are worried, massage will make you less.Eat a lot of things you shouldn’t eat!

Method: Apply pressure with your thumb and stimulate twice daily for 5 minutes each time.

By pressing the crowd to lose weight, you can lose a lot of weight by pressing the territory!

The location of the Quchi hole is at the end of the wide elbow bend, resulting in a strong pain.

Press here to have a clear heat solution, dispel the wind and relieve itching, dredge the effect of meridians, and also laxative, promote blood pressure circulation, it is really better for weight loss.

Method: Apply pressure with your thumb for 1-3 minutes each time to allow the soreness to spread downward.

According to the calf, the three-legged foot is one of the main acupoints of the foot and the foot of the Ming Dynasty. It is located on the outside of the calf and is aligned with the position of the following three fingers.

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Zusanli has the effect of raising the stomach and spleen and moistening the spleen. It can remove the moisture in the body, promote blood circulation, and excrete toxins from the body, thus regulating the spleen and stomach and helping to lose weight.

Method: Use the thumb nail to stimulate Zusanli three times a day, three groups at a time, each group for 10 minutes (one leg for 5 minutes).

Has a significant effect on weight loss.