[Do you eat lettuce at night for constipation?]_ Constipation_Dinner_Leaves Lettuce


[Do you have constipation at night?

]Constipation_dinner_leaf lettuce

Most people have special requirements in terms of diet, especially many friends who are losing weight. To ensure that the body is uniform, they dare not eat food in disorder, and more often choose to eat vegetables.

Lettuce is a kind of weight-loss meal. It can eliminate trace amounts, and can drive cold and diuresis, inhibit germs, and has rich nutritional value. It feels mysterious and beneficial to hair growth.

Eating too much will not cause constipation. On the contrary, it will also speed up the excretion of stool.

The efficacy and role of lettuce1.

Cellulite weight loss has the effect of eliminating excess and superfluity. It is a good choice for women who love beauty and want to maintain their figure.


Improving hypnosis has the effect of lowering cholesterol and assisting in treating symptoms such as neurasthenia.

The vitamin C contained in lettuce can also effectively reduce gum bleeding and other effects.


Dispel cold and diuretic can stimulate digestion, increase appetite, dispel cold and diuretic, and promote blood circulation.


Inhibiting the copper sodium salt in chlorophyll of the virus has anticancer properties and can effectively prevent canceration.

The nutritional value of lettuce1.

The water content of lettuce is as high as 94% to 96% per 100 grams of edible portion, so raw food is crisp and refreshing, especially fresh.


Lettuce contains dietary fiber and vitamin C, which has the effect of eliminating excess traces, so it is also called diet lettuce.


Its stems and leaves contain lettuce, so it has a slightly bitter taste, has analgesic and hypnotic effects, lowers cholesterol, and helps treat neurasthenia.


Lettuce contains active ingredients such as mannitol, which has a diuretic and blood circulation promoting effect.


Lettuce contains an “interferon inducer”, which can stimulate normal human cells to produce interferon, thereby producing an “antiviral protein” to inhibit the virus.