Body volume
First1chapter This starts again?
Chen Geng slowly opened his eyes。
I slept for more than ten hours in this kind of hearty sleep、The bones feel a little bit pantothenic, which is really comfortable,Chen Geng subconsciously stretched his waist,Groan in the mouth:Don’t care about anything like this、Sleep for ten hours of sleep without asking anything,How long have I not experienced?But it can force the Porsche family to bow,Use a good night’s sleep to reward the past……
next moment,Stretched、Chen Geng whose arm hasn’t been put down,Eyeballs went round suddenly:This……It doesn’t seem to be the hotel room where I live?!
what’s the situation?
An exciting spirit of Chen Gengmeng,The tiredness on the body disappears without a trace like the ebb tide,Bright eyes,Looking at the surrounding environment。
Not the hotel room where I lived in the Nurburgring,Definitely not!
Just took a look,Chen Geng quickly came to a conclusion,Not to mention that this room is much simpler than the hotel room where I lived in the Nurburgring,Not to mention the mess in the room is like a high school student’s doghouse,Just talk outside the window,There should be a lot of bare branches,My hotel suite in the Nurburgring is in the first25Floor……
No one dared to make such a joke with himself!
Then,What’s going on right now?
Half an hour later,Chen Geng who finally figured out what happened to him,Wry smile:Who would have thought that when I woke up I would come back1978year?
Not only returned1978year,I’m not in China now,But having“American Auto City”Detroit, Michigan,As for my current identity,It’s pitiful to say,A crappy used car salesman among hundreds of used car sales companies in Detroit,A standard grassroots,A glorious member of the grassroots class of America。