Looks like only five,But among these five, the Lord of Peng Gong does not have a god clone,And infinite、chaos、There are more than two god clones in the galaxy!

If you count it by the limit, this is more than ten Tier 6 combat power。
And the master of the universe who has reached the fourth order,Like the Lord of Bingfeng、Lord of Famine、Lord of the Blue East、Lord of Virtual Gold、Lord of Desolation、Lord of Nine Universes,And the big disciple of the mountain guest, Tipu, whom the owner of Chaos City personally attracted,Eight masters of the fourth-order universe,Counting the clone divine body is more than ten,Then the divine power will use the strongest treasure,The strength also reaches the sixth rank of the master of the universe。
The ultimate combat power of the primitive universe gathered by the human race,Are over twenty。
of course,Like Li Ming、Great Axe、chaos,If the strength in the universe is of course far beyond this level。
Li Ming,The five lower-level laws are finally understood to the extreme,Five elements,The perfect combination of the five top five secret methods,Turned into an ultimate【Jizo】,The mysterious moves reached the ninth level,Completely comparable to the giant axe,Count89999Times,The second level of the ultimate divine body,Made up for some of the weaknesses in his weak cosmic power,Makes his true strength and the giant axe even worse。
Really want to fight,The seven Allahs joined forces,He also fought。
The great axe, the strongest of the human race, can prove。
The Lord of the Galaxy, who is often abused by his own teacher, can prove。
The unidentified Qiuyan Ancestor God and Lei Hao Star Lord who have died can even prove it。
of course,There are also several masters of the human universe with clones,I often wander in the universe,Avoid being uninformed。
Allies of Hongmeng,I just feel that Human Race has been slack recently,The masters of the universe don’t just go to the universe。
And the major forces of the primitive universe,The one who cares most is the new man of the universe【Lord of Ancestors】,This very veteran top universe overlord finally broke through。But it is because the ancestors are old enough,Although his breakthrough made other forces envy and hate,But did not appear to be like Luo Feng‘Strangle’Case,Very smooth。
In short,Harmony in the primitive universe,until。。。。。。